Sunday, September 21, 2008

Classic Cadbury's AD

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Its My Birthday Today

Its my birthday today and I am feeling so happy as I have never felt in my previous birthdays. May be for the reason that I am celebrating it with my hubby this year :)

Also many of my friends took time to wish for me :) below are their wishes from orkut scrapping :). Again special thanks to all of them who phoned me to give their wishes. Hope I get many more success with so many of good hearts around me :) thanks a lot guys for your wishes.

hi sukanya.. many many happy returns of the day :)

Hi Madam lolHappy B'dayGod Bless

Happy B'day Have a gr8 day!

A Proud:
Many more happy returns of the day :)

hey wish u a happy Birthday.....have a great year ahead..

happy happy bday!!!! take care!!

Munish kumar:
Many more happy returns of the day !!!

hey wish u many more happy returns of the day !!!!!!!!!!

Many more happy returns of the day:-)

Happy Birthday ! Have a blast !

Hey!! Happy Birthday!!! Have a wonderful year!! Wat spl today?

iRFAn kHAn -->:
hy how can i forget ur bday ...... hope ur enjoyin it to the fullest ....

♪♥♪ SArAnyA ♪♥♪:
me veti as usualyyyyyyyyyy.....

iRFAn kHAn -->:
many more happy returns of the day .....

DHB... on a:
thank u..

♪♥♪ SArAnyA ♪♥♪:
happy bday sisoooooooooooooooooo

happy birthday akka :) - achu n family

Hey many more happy returns of the day! How are you celebrating it today?

Wishing U Many Many Happy Returns of the DayHappy Birthday :)When r u comin to India?

Happy Birth day.......

Wish U a Many More Happy Returns of the DAY.

happy bday :)Sow whats special?

DHB... on a:
Many more happy returns of the day!

Hi AkkaMany more happy returns of the day!"When you fill your hear with Love, your are the Miracle!"May you be blessed with eternal Happiness !!!!!

by the way advance wishes to uHappy B day****

Hi Suganya, Many more happy returns of the day!!!

Sankar^ I'm too:
Wish you a very Happy Birthday...

Happy bday

Happy birthday suganya......have loads of fun!!

hi Wish You Many More Happy Returns of the Day..

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Google Image, Large Hadron Collider

Ever thought about the changing images of Google. Its not only artistic, it holds a meaning of the latest happenings in the world. So I thought of posting the details on those issues along with the image.
This is the latest one and it shows about the "Large Hadron Collider" though I have less ideas on this subject. Now what I can do is, I can suggest you some links on which you can get information about this subject. So here are the links.

Also, have a look at the post of one of my friend on this issue.

Yes to "YUP" and No to "NOPE", An Indo-American Junky

Thought of writing how things changes in life. Well, this post talks about an Indian's transformation to an American, atleast an urge to behave so. It was quite an interesting subject for me as I see so many of them behaving in a different way, as we dont find such opportunity back home, which indeed includes me. I wanted to write on this subject, not only for the reason of attracting more Indians to my blog, but also to think on what reality is all about and how we forget about it and go around the illusion. I, by no means, wanted to hurt anyone by pointing out any such act. Here goes some of them.
1. Landing in USA with high hopes, however, hit hard by the actuality.
2. Searching the 2-minute noodle pack from the luggage bag.
3. Going to restaurant to have the usual dosa, idly sambars.
4. Getting pani puris for $5 instead of Rs.5.
5. Planning for long weekends before 2 months.
6. Visiting Niagra with family and friends.
7. Searching for near-by temples in Google Maps.
8. Multiply everything we buy with 40.
9. Always thinking about the visas from A - Z.
10. An obsession with IndiaGlitz, CricInfo, Techsatish and so on.

11. Reading online newspapers.
12. Use Orkut.Com to be in touch with friends.
13. Talking to mom and dad everyday with the least charged phone connections.
14. Having the GPS Navigation and hoping to reach for the sky.
15. Bachelors giving steady visits to,, and so on.
16. Using liquid soaps instead of bars.
17. iPod being an inevitable addiction.
18. Taking pictures of all the visited places and sending it to friends and family.
19. Buying highly pixelled cameras solely for the purpose of sending photos.
20. Learning how to clean the utensils efficiently.
21. Getting married in India in a hurry and coming back within 14 days.
23. Regular visits to Gym for the reason of becoming a member for 2-yrs.
24. "Whatz up?" instead of Hi and Hello. "Yo Yo" may also be included depending on mood swings.
25. Saying Yes as "Yup" and No as "Nope"
And the list is on and on and on..
And Guys, this list is for you to refresh and not to regret. Keep up the work. :)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

From My Cam

The cuckoo is thinking, Why is she running behind me? :)
I tried to picture it by the time it flied between 3 to 4 trees.

A droplet in its beak. I noticed it after I pictured it. Was'nt intentional.

Here comes the naughtiest one. Felt nostalgic since its more familiar in India.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

What Life Taught Me

Well, It needs a thoughtfull response. And, it took me more than an usual timing for writing my post since I need to rewind a lot of things from my past. Initially, the flow was pretty less than I thought what I would be getting and as I go on and on, thoughts poured that I could not put each and everything and indeed it also has some intentional editing in the content.

I hope you guys would have read my post on the learning process. When I read the post again, I wondered , what a reality it is! We've learnt from everything and we will. Life teaches a lot to us. The trouble with using experience as a guide is that the final exam often comes first and then the lesson. How true it is!

Coming to my experience, rather the final exam, the results ranges from a phenomenal success to a worse failure. In any of the ways, I am always beneath the saying, "A success cannot be taken above your head, A failure cannot bury you under".

A dawn tells me there are oppurtunities, a dusk tells me to rest for a new beginning, love teaches me not to expect, life teaches me to expect, family teaches me of belongingness, regret teaches me to endeavor, depression teaches me of loneliness, however, loneliness teaches me to rejenuvate, high heels teaches me of styles, black color teaches me of magnetism, white shows me the eternal purity, and now, a blog teaches me of how to write and most importantly, how not to.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Here Goes The Third Medal

Its a day filled with surprises in Beijing Olympics 2008. Now its the third medal for India from Vijender Singh. He outpunched Carlos Gongora of Ecuador in the quarterfinal of the 75kg category bout on Wednesday.With this victory, he is now assured of at least a bronze medal.
India has won three medals in Olympics for the first time and it will be a great boost for the future participants. Hoping for the best to happen.

A Person Who Makes Me Feel Important

Yeah. And the answer is, my friend. I cannot say that she is my soul mate or a very very close friend. I know her for the past few years only but most of the times she makes me special may be for the reason she atleast remembers me. I got to know a new way of knowing what a friendship is.

In my life, till the point I met her, there was'nt an opportunity for me in knowing a good friend. And I mean a good friend. A real meaning as a friend. A friend who does'nt expect anything from me. Almost nothing, oh! no!, there is a thing! Yes, its always a good news from my side.

I have met many friends in my life, though, they all did not find a special place in my life. Many friends come and most of them leave but I know for sure, she is not of that kind which does'nt mean that I talk to her everyday or moreover to put it correctly, we talk very rarely.

She is not of a kind who knows everything about me and the same from my side. I know a little thing about her, which she herself might not have found yet. Its the right attitude she shows to everyone. And its not only for me. Its for everyone. Yeah, may be I am like everyone else for her. But for me, she proved on what a person should be.

Alright, I hope I am just praising too much for what she is doing. :) Just want to write about her since I write about so many other things, Why not her? Now comes the question, Who is she? Well, for the people who dont know me, its one of my friend. And for the others who know me, keep guessing :) I have not shared my thoughts about this lady with anyone until I write this post, indeed even with the lady herself. Yes. But there are so many people who are playing the same kind of role in my life, Or atleast they think so. Hence, I dont wanna reveal the name of that particular lady and make others jealous on her. So let it be a sweet little secret within me.

Second Medal for India

Now its a Bronze Medal. Sushil Kumar is the man for it. A wrestler who added up the second medal for India. Well, though its a bronze medal for India, its a medal of great importance ,since a medal in wrestling is claimed exactly 56 years after KD Jadhav brought glory at Helsinki Olympics in 1952. Thats a great pride to be shared with any person in the world.

Sushil Kumar had won the medal by defeating Leonid Spiridonov of Kazakhstan. Well, Congratulations Sanjay, for the wonderfull victory. Hope to get a Gold medal in 2012 Olympics. Wishing you all the best for your future.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Where is God?

The primary question of humanity. Indeed, an ultimate answer is found no where.
Well, this post do not contain any spiritual news or any articles with respect to any religion. I just read a very wonderful story yesterday. The story line had impressed me so very much that I would like to share with you guys.

Here goes the story..

"In suburban part of India, there were two brothers, 6 and 8 years old, greatly mischievous. Anything that goes wrong in the neighbourhood would straight ahead comes to the decision that the brothers have their hands on it. Their parents to their best, tried to keep the boys in a state of order. However, there was no luck to their side. Hearing about a saint nearby, the mother decided to make the saint talk to the boys.

The saint was invited to come to the home on an auspicious day. The saint came and said he wanted to talk to the younger brother first and alone. So the mother sent him to the saint. The saint asked the boy to sit across a huge, impressive desk. For about five minutes, they just sat and stared each other.

Finally, the saint pointed his finger at the boy and asked, "Where is God?" The boy looked under the desk, in the corners of the room, all around, but said nothing. Again, louder, the saint pointed at the boy and asked, "Where is God?" Again the boy looked all around but said nothing. A third time, in a louder, firmer voice, the saint leaned far across the desk and put his forefinger almost to the boy's nose, and asked, "Where is God?"

The boy panicked and ran all the way home. Finding his older brother, he dragged him upstairs to their room and into the closet, where they usually plotted their mischievous plans. He finally said, "We are in BIIIIG trouble." The older boy asked, "What do you mean, BIIIIG trouble?"

His brother replied, "God is missing and they think we did it."

Hope you guys have enjoyed it. :)

Vaal Natchathiram, Taare Zameen Par in Tamil

One of the marvellous movie made by Indian cinema industry and the credit goes to Mr. Aamir Khan, An Indian Actor.

Unlike Americans, Indians do not pay much attention in the self development of a child. Fortunately the trend is now changing and it is evident from the film called "Taare Zameen Par". A movie done with the mind setup of a child. It concentrates on what a child needs, what a child can do and cannot do. So everything is about the child. It typically tells us how Indian parents tend to change the path of a child with an illusion of taking them to a right side and ending up nowhere.

Now coming to the news, the film is originally made in hindi. According to the latest news from Aamir Khan, the film is to be dubbed in tamil with the name "Vaal Natchathiram". Eventhough I am happy about the news of dubbing the film in Tamil, it would have been more commendable if it is remade with tamil actors since I feel the impact of the film in that way would be more and can reach more audience. Anyhow, lets wait for the best to happen.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Age Is Just A Number

Age is just a number says Dara Torres, US Swimmer. She is participating in the Olympics 2008 at the age of 41. It really is impressing. Among the news of winning 8 gold medals at the age group of around 22-25, participating in Olympics at the age of 41 is a real survival.
Quoted as "Face of Female, 40 and Fierce" in the Beijing Olympics 2008, she inspires a lot of people.
Age reminds of what we did to others in the past, however it cannot be a discouraging factor on what we can do in the future.

Time To Discuss

Nice to meet you all again.
I am now here to inform you all with the new forum I've created. We can discuss on the forum about anything and everything. I have now started the forum with the basic things.
1. Prayer Room - Wherein we can pray for ourself or for someone else. Hope this helps a lot of people.
2. Random Discussion - As of now, I've categorized this section for general discussions on any subject.
3. Poetry - Its time to read some poems. The poem can be of any cader.
With more comments and suggestions I can go ahead with wide sections and categories. Hoping for the best.
And oops.. I forgot to tell you the link. The link is there on the right side of my blog in the "I Frequent with" section. Link name is "Forum Discussion".

See you all soon in the forum. :)

Monday, August 11, 2008

India's First Gold Medal in Olympics 2008

Abhinav Bindra became India's first individual Olympic gold medallist when he claimed the men's 10m air rifle shooting title on Monday.
Hope it will bring a great start for India to add up more medals. Good Luck for all the participants :)
"This is going to give a huge incentive in going up further and becoming a dominant (sporting) power," he told Indian TV.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

MY Fortune for the Day

"Today's fortune: Luck is coming your way", Says my Orkut homepage.
Hope it comes soon :)

My Notes For Your View

Hope you all remember about the post i've written on Random Thoughts. Now its the time to look on some of the points i've written on my note. Ofcourse I have shown only certain thoughts for you. So here it is.

Am I good?
How sweet life can be.
Why people are so crazy.
I love being alone.
How do others force me to do things?
I can do it.
I am here for no one else except me.
Here is where I have to start from.
I have to be cautious.
I need to learn a lot on the art of living.
I hate some of them who are told as my friends.
I dreamt of going back to school.
I have to be open.
I am not here for charity.
I am so happy.
I want to be perfect.
Speaking a lot makes me feel good.
Want to see my mom.
Do I speak alone?
I love making friends.
Morning is so exhilarating.
Friends are dangerous when they become too close to me.
Am I nagging?
Have I seen a good person in my life?
I can do a great job.
How can I pray?
I feel wonderfull to be loved.
I like to see me make mistakes so that I can learn.
I believe in strong relationship.
I do believe in the week too, since they exist more than strong.
I love pink color.
Love makes life meaningfull.
Love makes life critical.
I strongly believe in God but I have no clue how I do so.

More As I Feel More.
See You Soon.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dedications All Around

Hi All..
I am now here to introduce you all with my new blog page. Its gonna be my page of favourites. Yes.. I am gonna post all the things which i like and love the most. It may be a video or a post or anything else which I myself dont know, although the concept would be "MY FAVES".
The link for the page is on your right side of the window with the link name as "MY TOP PICKS". Once you go to the blog, I would like you all to introduce yourself first through commenting and then you can start going around with your dedications.. Hope you all would be sharing your faves with me..
Have a nice time.. :)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Random Thoughts

I have been thinking on this for a very long time, Since then I have read a book, dont exactly remember the author or even the title of the book. However, the subject revolves around me. Its about the random thoughts as into the matter of anything and everything in a day.
The author states that, every human being whether they like it or not, have random thoughts. And the author advices to jot down those thoughts of our inner mind in a paper. This has to be done everyday. May be we cant do it everytime but atleast whenever possible. This helps us to know about ourself, our inner thoughts, our true wants, our needs and everything. Sometime people end up with an expectation based on our surroundings or something else which might not be a real expectation or want. What we needed in real might be in our inner sole which we might have not even recognised. Jotting down the random thoughts might help us. Random thoughts may also be a trash. May be we can write some non-sense which is meaningless for us. However, after the 100 non-sense points we might end up with a 101th want of us, expecatation of us, meaning of our life, or may be anything else which is more than our own life itself. So its upto the person who takes the subject. May be they can write the 100 non-sense points and can find the betterment of their living or can have the option of leading the life not knowing its purpose. Options are within us. We have to take the decision.
"Its you who has to decide, Else some one else decides on you"
Be Wise..
Hope it reaches you guys in good thoughts..

I Am Back From New Home

Hi All,
First of all I would like to apologise for not keeping up with the commitment I have given to you all i.e., the weekly updates. Only reason being my relocation. I have relocated to Wisconsin because of the change in my hubby's project. Got the internet connection only 2 days back, so here I am.
Hope I get the same support from you all as I used to get. Thanks :-)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Cold War With My Husband

Yes.. Happens for us too..
My hubby was working from home yesterday and he was using the laptop from the morning. I got hold of it for a little time only. And the cold war was not really because of this. He was having his own work pressure and I was tensed on how to pass my time. Finally for some little time he opened the Youtube to watch some songs. And everything got into places after then. We were spending almost an hour watching some random songs and suddenly it happened.
System got stuck except that some weird noice was coming out of the system. We could not even switch off the system. Tried to take the battery cable, Pressed Ctrl+Alt+Delete for almost a dozen times, pressed the power button for so many times.. but nothing happens. Only that , the weird noice was making him even more frustrating. Finally it got swiched off bringing some relief for me but definitely not for him. We decided to switch on the system after we come back from our evening walk. I decided to get some veggies for the next day preparations.
While walking, we obviously discussed about the laptop problem. He was telling me that it happened because of the unwanted downloads i make. And was trying to put the entire blame on me. Adding to that, he told that the system got slow because of the fact that i had installed dot net with some supporting softwares. And he was showing his anger on me and I gave him back with what I can, ofcourse verbally :0 ( People.. u can imagine that).
So we were coming back home with stiff faces. No laughs.. No giggles.. Its been an unusual silence. Thoughts were running.. infact spinning on both of our minds. I was telling myself that it was'nt my fault and he would have been thinking that this female is responsible for the laptop issue. Thoughts were...
ME: Its not only me who uses the laptop , its also him.
HIM: Its she who uses it most of the time.
ME: If I use it most of the time, does'nt mean that I was the only one responsible.
HIM: Why the hell it got stuck up.
ME: Why the hell the veggies are too heavy. Why cant he carry them.
HIM: How can I submit my daily report now. Because of her.
ME: Its not my fault.
HIM: Was I harsh to her?
ME: Its good that I gave him back.
HIM: Have to try opening it after going home.
We reached home. He tried opening the laptop and it did'nt open and added more spice to his emotions. I asked him whether it opened, he replied back with a simple NO. Asked him what to do, reply came as Don't know.
ME: I have to try my hand in opening it.
HIM: Have to uninstall all the unwanted files once it opens.
ME: If it does'nt open, how will he be able to work tomorrow.
HIM: Has to open in some time.
ME: Well.. nothing for me.. have to start cooking.
By this time, the laptop opened and showed some warm air to us. He started opening his official files and was checking whether everything is fine with the system. And again opened the Youtube videos. By the time, I was busy in cooking.
This happens to be a simple issue for us. But in between these thoughts, I was also having a second voice inside me instructing something else. And same for him.
ME: Can I cook Onion fry for him tonight?
HIM: Have to help her in preparing dinner tonight. She was bearing with me from the morning.
ME: He is getting angry so easily, have to reduce salt in the food.
HIM: Have to cool her somehow. Have to find a way.
ME: Was he really angry? or just a work tension? Have to give him some juice.
HIM: How can I make her happy?
ME: Have to buy him a new pair of sneakers. This one looks dirty.
HIM: Can I call my Mom so that she can feel bit relaxed talking to her? Yes.. thats a good idea.
ME: God.. Please make this dish eatable.. ( Onion Fry :-))
HIM: She will be fine with me. I know her.
ME: Does'nt have anything in his heart.
Everything became normal by night :-)
Just wanted to add a romantic poem heard long before...
As we stand together,
in a world of our own,
beneath the star-glittered night sky,
i'll be in your arms , wishing we could do this forever.

See you all in next post

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

India Changes...

Its been almost half-year past I have come to US. I see lot of changes here. Climatic changes (drastic change since I've been living at Chennai in India where the climate is always hot sunny), People I see - includes Mexicans, Americans, Indians, Koreans and so many, Lifestyle and others. One thing which impresses me a lot here is The Servicing People, I mean Doctors, Policemens and other Govt Officials. They do their best job here. As far as Iam concerned, I have never come across corruption here. May be it exists in some other levels. However, I have not seen that.
Contrarily, In India I've seen corruption everywhere (Unfortunate). I've been very straight in telling this statement since this is a major issue thats spoiling my Nation. I am not being political here. I am not harsh. However, I need to tell the truth. I am not being bad to India and good to USA. Its not the matter of comparison. Its the matter of fact. Alright, I dont want to get into the details of whats happening through corruption or how it happens. I had a small imagination yesterday of how India would be if it becomes USA, i mean corruption-free(Guys, I really dont know whether it exists in US. For me, from what i have seen, its not here).
Now the imagination goes on like this(from my experience)...
1. Getting your Ration Items ( Govt-Based Grocery stores) in proper quantities.
2. Getting proper driving license for both two-wheeler and four-wheeler.
3. Water supplies to all the house-holds free of cost ( as announced by the Govt...), apart from water tax.
4. Getting back the exact change from the conductors of MTC ( Govt Bus Service).
6. No scoldings from any of the Servicing people for any mistakes which I've not done.
And the list goes on and on..
All these are simple things yet big when it happens to me. Almost all the middle-class people would have come across such an experience in India. We have so many malfunctions happening in all the industries in India. Every bad things happen. Yet, India proves to be a potential country. Without Indians, its difficult for Microsoft to go ahead, says Bill Gates.
Indians are settled all over the world, proving their point. With all the hindrences, they shine out. Reminds me of the quote.. Gold is tried by fire, brave men by adversity.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

My Net Worth

Well.. When I was reading some blogs, I found this tool at one of my friends website. It tells you the worth of your Blog. To know about mine, can see it below. Well, to tell you truely, I have never been recommended by anyone for blogging. I came here out of my own interest and its really worth it. So guys, you can take blogging seriously too. And, having a month of experience in this, I hope the worth of my blog is pretty decent. Hugs and Kisses are needed :-)

My site is worth $146.
How much is yours worth?

Friday, June 6, 2008

An Interesting Tool !!

When I was browsing net, I found this tool to be interesting. And this tool will be helpfull for the bloggers. Its "Technorati". It helps to make your own personalised blogs to go places. It will be a great pleasure to see your blogs read by others with interest from different countries. Hope everyone likes it. I have given a link below to have a look on to the site. Have a nice time blogging !!
Technorati Profile

South-Indian Way of Cutting

Hmmm.. Yeah. South-Indian way of cutting veggies. :-)
We usually cut vegetables by knife. However my mom does it with a different instrument. And I hope this instrument is a definite-yes at every kitchens at TamilNadu. I am not sure of other South states of India. But I have seen this instrument at almost every home I have ever visited at Chennai(Tamil Nadu). And this is commonly known as Arivamanai(authentic name :-)).
When i help my mom in cooking(which is ofcourse very rare), I find it so difficult to cut the vegetables in Arivamanai. Its easy for me by Knife. Contrarily, my mom feels easy to cut it by Arivamanai. And she finds difficult in Knife.
I wanted to post about Arivamanai here just because, when i was cutting veggies at home today it reminded me about the authentic instrument. My mom cuts the veggies so thinly with that Arivamanai and its difficult for me even with the Knife. May be, it comes by practise.
Well.. so let me know how many of your household has Arivamanai and how many of you are still using it.. Keep Commenting !!
And thanks a lot for the comments given to me. It encourages me and also shows how much you care for me. Thanks :-)

Monday, May 26, 2008

What to cook?

My everyday question at my home. What to cook ? And the ready-made answer i get from my hubby is, "As you wish".
This question comes to me thrice everyday. If it goes worse, may be four times a day. And I need to make a research on this topic for 3 or 4 times as the case may be. If my mom had forced me to learn cooking before marraige, I would'nt have found it this much difficult. Anyways..
A day starts with breakfast interrogation. If i have not prepared the idli batter the previous day, interrogation becomes intense. And finally i would end up with upma or bread with jam or bread omlet or any other forms of bread or the easy-to-make noodles.
Then comes the lunch. For which I may cook the usual sambars or the kuzhambus by searching from net. When i mean by searching the net, i mean i would look for the ingredients, preparation and so on. However, most of the times, all of the ingredients specified would not be available with me and i end up with finalizing my product with the available ones. And I hope you can imagine how it turns out. The most funniest part is that, my hubby likes even that. Not to misjudge him, since it sometimes by chance turns to be awesome.
The next interrogation would be for evening snacks. This one, for me, is quite easier than others. Since, we most of the time end up at the near-by restaurants. Occasionally, bhajji or pakoras or just coffee or tea.
Then is the dinner. Well, most of the times we eat chapatis. And the making of the chapati depends on my hubby's "Luck for the Day". If it turns to be soft, he would have had a good day and u can think of the otherway.
Huh. With all my capabilities, I would have done a good(somewhat) work.
To tell you frankly, Cooking is not my job. May be its a shock for some of you guys, atleast for Indians. Since we think its a woman's job. May be. But for me, cooking needs passion. Cooking is same as like other jobs we do. It equals a software engineers job, or a psychiatrist, or may be a social worker. Cooking is a service. I may argue on this till the day i cook a delicious food.
To conclude, Cooking is a service not a work to be done. However, I love cooking. Not for the way it makes me cry when i cut onions. Not for the way it makes me cut my fingers when i cut veggies. Not for the way it makes me sweat. Not for the way the dishes teases me when it becomes hard to swallow. BUT for the way, i can show my love to my family. BUT for the way, i can make them happy when i occasionaly give them a good feast. BUT for the way, i can see the shades of hunger getting washed off from my hubby's face. BUT for the way, i get some unknown happiness when i cook everyday. May be this is what we say as the WOMAN'S WAY.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

S.M.I.L.E as you Smile

Smile as you grow with glory,
Smile as you get piqued,
Smile as you set apart from others,
Smile as you endear,

Smile comes to you with success,
Smile comes to you with sense,
Smile comes to you with satifaction,
Smile comes to you with peaceful serenity,

S.M.I.L.E with a new meaning..

S.M.I.L.E with Self-Importance,
S.M.I.L.E with Maturity,
S.M.I.L.E with Inculcation,
S.M.I.L.E with Love,
S.M.I.L.E with Exaltation,

S.M.I.L.E as you Smile,
S.M.I.L.E makes you live your life,
S.M.I.L.E adds colour to your life,

S.M.I.L.E as you Smile,
S.M.I.L.E with a new meaning, a new beginning..

Thursday, May 15, 2008

What can I write about?

Well.. With no other work to do, I was thinking about what to post in my blog...
I thought of posting about the current trends in India.. Well, have no idea on that.. so what else can I write about?

To make you know about me,
I can post about myself,
or May be about my friends, or may be my enemies
or may be about my work,
the books I read,
my approach towards the society,
or about how do I spend my money,
my hobbies, my love or my life,

Still pondering... What can I write about?
To make you chuckle..
I can post my most embarrasing moment,
or can I explain how my hubby interprets to prove that my newly tried recipe is awesome,
or can I discuss on which came first, egg or the hen,

What can I write about ?
Well.. to make you think..
I can post on "What can I write about?"
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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Lesson Learnt Tough is a Lesson Well Learnt

Every person experiences it. Educated or Uneducated, Rich or poor, senior person or a youth or may be a kid.. Every body does it. What is it that has been done everyday, everytime and everywhere? Well..Iam talking bout the "Learning Process".

Time as he grows old teaches many lessons. Experience teaches us. Each dawn teaches us that there is a new fresh beginning. Each day makes you older, indeed it makes you wiser. More to that, each and every second teaches its meaning.

If you cannot teach me to fly, teach me to sing. If life is not in the way you like it, you can learn to like the way as it is. Learning is everywhere, right from the way we came out of the womb to the way we become past memories. Everything has a meaning and eveyone has to learn it at some point.

There are no mistakes, no coincidences. All events are blessings given to us to learn from. Luck is the word we say so easily to describe someone's success, but we forget to ponder on the point that every person has gone through some learning process which leads to success.

Learning, the word not only means understanding but reacting. We speak because we've learnt. Learn to say no to the good so you can say yes to the best. We learn when to speak and when not to. We learn what to say and what not to. We learn how to say and how we should not.

A lesson learnt tough is a lesson well learnt.. Ofcourse,everyone knows their limits when they handle fire. Fire teaches a lesson which is learnt tough but is well learnt

Thursday, May 8, 2008


I want you to see me,
I want you to talk to me,
I want you to make fun of me,
I want you to hug me,
I want you to spend for me,
I want the days back, the days of joy for me,
U taught me to laugh, made me applaud
U shared me your shoulder, made me feel better
U showed me your love, which no one else can give
U made me see this world, with the attitude of gold
Now the world without you, makes me feel blue

Suganya Sampath

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

COMMITMENTS, Followed ?? or Forgetten??

With my h1b still in process and with no other important work, i was whiling away my day in browsing the net, sitting in a sofa placed next to the window and viewing the pedestrians in the near-by road.. Since there is a school near to my home, there will be lot of school childrens going here and there during the peak hours.

The school children's enthusiasm makes me remember my school days. No future plans, No worries. I use to live my life for that day. Coming back from school, playing with neighbours, pray to make my play time increase till i sleep , studies after 6 in the evening till 8, watching tv - Doordharshan News ( hate to watch this at that time.. almost most of the childrens do), and sleep after dinner, wake up call by 7 with the usual scoldings from my grandma and going to school holding grandma's fingers. The life was so good.

As we grow up, we have so many plans. Apart from our academic plans and getting settled in our life, we have other plans too. Personal Commitments...By personal commitments, i am not bringing here any new subject. It includes those small things which adds life to us, brings peace to our mind. In this IT world, it has become usual to most of us coming back to home by 12 in night or even some people stay at office to complete their work.

I have been working in a software company for the past 2 yrs in India. And when i think about the way i have missed so many good things in life, i feel bad.. infact guilty. Many of them, do feel the same way. Although, there are exceptions who live their life to the fullest. How do they do it? Why cant we live the way we want?

Thinking bout those, i can recognize some small things i have missed in my life like Going to temple, Calling your so-called best friend (atleast once in a week), meeting your grand-ma and grand-pa and having a small chat with them, going out to a movie with your friends ( i use to watch it in VCD at home), playing with the next door baby..These small commitments .. rather duties can make your life happy and peacefull .. and remember, it does the same even to others. How many of you think that having a cup of coffee with your mom and having a chat for just 10 minutes everyday will make her happy.. ofcourse everyone has to accept this but the truth is that not everyone does it.

So hoping for the best to happen in future and having my own personal commitments pictured in my heart, i am stepping up into my life with the thought of not forgetting it.

My Trip to Disney Land

Yes.. We went to Disney Land last week.. It was a long-awaited wish of me.. When i was a child, i use to see the Disney Land shows and photos in "Sunday Cartoon Show" telecasted by Doordharshan. And, they use to sponsor the winning child of the quiz competition conducted by them to visit the DL. I use to dream of winning the quiz and flying to Disney.

To narrate the whole experience.. i would say that its a huge area filled with josh and fun mainly to the interest of childrens.. Although , it also makes many and many grown-ups becoming childrens .. which includes me and my hubby.

We parked our car and picked a road-train(..kind of) to reach the ticket counter. By the time my hubby was in line to buy the tickets , i went ahead of the counter area and was having a broad look of the n-acred land(i really donno how many acres it would be ...) out of unknown curiosity. My hubby came with the tickets.. without waiting for another minute, we passed the entrance checking.

The whole place was divided as "California Themes" (to our right) and "Adventure Parks"(to our left). We went ahead to the adventure parks. We were grandly welcomed with music by a big band. Passing that, we saw couple of shops selling pictures, chocos, T's, Toys.. of Mickeys, Donalds, Poohs and so on...

Moving ahead, we enjoyed many rides... Flying Elephant, Mad Tea Party, Jungle Cruise, and so on.. Since it was a holiday, the crowd was unusually high and every ride has a long line to be followed.. so, we dint have much time to go to all the ride. However we managed to cover atleast half of them

We thought of taking a break for some time and he went to get lunch for us. By that time, I managed to find a shady place to take some rest and started choosing among the rest of the rides which we can go post-lunch. While I was sitting in the dining area and was thinking bout the rides.. I watched many groups enjoying their visit to the place. Among them, a small and happy (hopefully.. ) family took my initial interest. It has a mom and dad, and 3 kids. The first two kids were looking at the Disney maps and were deciding on which ride to go first. The little kid was enjoying the fruit pulp which was spooned to its mouth by the mom when she and the dad had a break during their discussion ( only God knows wat it was all about ). And now, a loud oooouuuuuaahhhhh sound from my right side took my interest and it was a group of school childrens having fun among themselves. Next to them, there was a Senior couples sitting together and waiting for their son's family to come back from a ride. Now..., my hubby is back with the burgers and coke. By the time we finish it, the senior couple's son and his wife with their kid has come and the kid was telling about its excitement in the ride (ofcourse in ahhmarican accent`)

We quickly moved from the dining area and started going to the rest of the rides that we planned to go. Since, it was a very sunny day and also the crowd was too high, we dint go to all the rides as we planned. We had a couple of small breaks in between the rides and again I was in the process of watching groups that interests me..And, as the time goes on.. we were roaming here and there and were talking bout the people and many other things that took our attention.

By evening , we were totally exhausted and went to our last ride with the rest of the energy we had. It was a car ride and I drove it.

Now with no heart, we decided to leave the place. When we were walking back to the car paking area, we saw the parade of the cartoon characters. Took the car and with loads of fun-filled memories, we left the place. I stepped inside my home with forcefull pulling back of my memories from the Magic of Cartoons, its fantacies... and started preparing the coffee and was thinking about the dinner I can prepare for that night..