Thursday, June 12, 2008

Cold War With My Husband

Yes.. Happens for us too..
My hubby was working from home yesterday and he was using the laptop from the morning. I got hold of it for a little time only. And the cold war was not really because of this. He was having his own work pressure and I was tensed on how to pass my time. Finally for some little time he opened the Youtube to watch some songs. And everything got into places after then. We were spending almost an hour watching some random songs and suddenly it happened.
System got stuck except that some weird noice was coming out of the system. We could not even switch off the system. Tried to take the battery cable, Pressed Ctrl+Alt+Delete for almost a dozen times, pressed the power button for so many times.. but nothing happens. Only that , the weird noice was making him even more frustrating. Finally it got swiched off bringing some relief for me but definitely not for him. We decided to switch on the system after we come back from our evening walk. I decided to get some veggies for the next day preparations.
While walking, we obviously discussed about the laptop problem. He was telling me that it happened because of the unwanted downloads i make. And was trying to put the entire blame on me. Adding to that, he told that the system got slow because of the fact that i had installed dot net with some supporting softwares. And he was showing his anger on me and I gave him back with what I can, ofcourse verbally :0 ( People.. u can imagine that).
So we were coming back home with stiff faces. No laughs.. No giggles.. Its been an unusual silence. Thoughts were running.. infact spinning on both of our minds. I was telling myself that it was'nt my fault and he would have been thinking that this female is responsible for the laptop issue. Thoughts were...
ME: Its not only me who uses the laptop , its also him.
HIM: Its she who uses it most of the time.
ME: If I use it most of the time, does'nt mean that I was the only one responsible.
HIM: Why the hell it got stuck up.
ME: Why the hell the veggies are too heavy. Why cant he carry them.
HIM: How can I submit my daily report now. Because of her.
ME: Its not my fault.
HIM: Was I harsh to her?
ME: Its good that I gave him back.
HIM: Have to try opening it after going home.
We reached home. He tried opening the laptop and it did'nt open and added more spice to his emotions. I asked him whether it opened, he replied back with a simple NO. Asked him what to do, reply came as Don't know.
ME: I have to try my hand in opening it.
HIM: Have to uninstall all the unwanted files once it opens.
ME: If it does'nt open, how will he be able to work tomorrow.
HIM: Has to open in some time.
ME: Well.. nothing for me.. have to start cooking.
By this time, the laptop opened and showed some warm air to us. He started opening his official files and was checking whether everything is fine with the system. And again opened the Youtube videos. By the time, I was busy in cooking.
This happens to be a simple issue for us. But in between these thoughts, I was also having a second voice inside me instructing something else. And same for him.
ME: Can I cook Onion fry for him tonight?
HIM: Have to help her in preparing dinner tonight. She was bearing with me from the morning.
ME: He is getting angry so easily, have to reduce salt in the food.
HIM: Have to cool her somehow. Have to find a way.
ME: Was he really angry? or just a work tension? Have to give him some juice.
HIM: How can I make her happy?
ME: Have to buy him a new pair of sneakers. This one looks dirty.
HIM: Can I call my Mom so that she can feel bit relaxed talking to her? Yes.. thats a good idea.
ME: God.. Please make this dish eatable.. ( Onion Fry :-))
HIM: She will be fine with me. I know her.
ME: Does'nt have anything in his heart.
Everything became normal by night :-)
Just wanted to add a romantic poem heard long before...
As we stand together,
in a world of our own,
beneath the star-glittered night sky,
i'll be in your arms , wishing we could do this forever.

See you all in next post


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  3. Suganya - Nice Blog. Made a good reading. Like your overall blog setup as well.

  4. hi suganya..
    Even a same situation happened to me.. but everything was fine before sundown..