Monday, May 26, 2008

What to cook?

My everyday question at my home. What to cook ? And the ready-made answer i get from my hubby is, "As you wish".
This question comes to me thrice everyday. If it goes worse, may be four times a day. And I need to make a research on this topic for 3 or 4 times as the case may be. If my mom had forced me to learn cooking before marraige, I would'nt have found it this much difficult. Anyways..
A day starts with breakfast interrogation. If i have not prepared the idli batter the previous day, interrogation becomes intense. And finally i would end up with upma or bread with jam or bread omlet or any other forms of bread or the easy-to-make noodles.
Then comes the lunch. For which I may cook the usual sambars or the kuzhambus by searching from net. When i mean by searching the net, i mean i would look for the ingredients, preparation and so on. However, most of the times, all of the ingredients specified would not be available with me and i end up with finalizing my product with the available ones. And I hope you can imagine how it turns out. The most funniest part is that, my hubby likes even that. Not to misjudge him, since it sometimes by chance turns to be awesome.
The next interrogation would be for evening snacks. This one, for me, is quite easier than others. Since, we most of the time end up at the near-by restaurants. Occasionally, bhajji or pakoras or just coffee or tea.
Then is the dinner. Well, most of the times we eat chapatis. And the making of the chapati depends on my hubby's "Luck for the Day". If it turns to be soft, he would have had a good day and u can think of the otherway.
Huh. With all my capabilities, I would have done a good(somewhat) work.
To tell you frankly, Cooking is not my job. May be its a shock for some of you guys, atleast for Indians. Since we think its a woman's job. May be. But for me, cooking needs passion. Cooking is same as like other jobs we do. It equals a software engineers job, or a psychiatrist, or may be a social worker. Cooking is a service. I may argue on this till the day i cook a delicious food.
To conclude, Cooking is a service not a work to be done. However, I love cooking. Not for the way it makes me cry when i cut onions. Not for the way it makes me cut my fingers when i cut veggies. Not for the way it makes me sweat. Not for the way the dishes teases me when it becomes hard to swallow. BUT for the way, i can show my love to my family. BUT for the way, i can make them happy when i occasionaly give them a good feast. BUT for the way, i can see the shades of hunger getting washed off from my hubby's face. BUT for the way, i get some unknown happiness when i cook everyday. May be this is what we say as the WOMAN'S WAY.


  1. Gayathri ChandrasekaranMay 29, 2008 at 3:44 PM

    I used to wonder a lot about cooking. But that really added to my stress levels, esp. if the answer from my hubby is, choose whatever you feel like cooking. After a while, I gave up. My husband cooks once in 2 days, I do the cleaning, purchase etc. Cooking is too stressful man..

    I really liked the way you ended this post. I admire your dedication!

  2. gr8 to hear that sugan is cooking... this female has never entered the kitchen when she was here in india.... now that she has become a good cook.. im telling this even b4 tasting the so called food prepared by her bcoz her husband is a food paithiyam... if he is satisfied with sugan's dishes na then really sugan has become a good COOK... hmmm gooooooooooood