Friday, March 23, 2012

In The Name Of Soup Song

I know soup song is a big name now and in one way I can say that it has become a trend. We have all heard about it as gana song till the latest Kolaveri came into picture. Its new name is soup song. I dont have to say how Kolaveri has its legendary way of changing the name but it stops just there. All is well until the point where it enters into the concept of degrading the female population. Well that part is never changed, unfortunately. I vaguely remember the days when this whole concept started. But I am very sure that there are hundreds and hundreds of songs that does the same job. This morning while driving to work, I happened to listen to one of such song and it annoyed me to the core that I had to do something about it. The song was from the movie 7am Arivu and it was "Yemma Yemma" song. Well, if you have watched the movie, you must be knowing the reason for the song in that movie. Not a big thing, a guy proposes and the girl denies it. Or may be a big thing ! But that doesn't mean that it has to be taken to a spot where such song is needed in the first place and morever this song takes on not just that girl in that character but on the entire female group. Really !!! I don't even have to say how much of a hit that song is. Its so unfortunate that such a nice melody is used on such tasteless lyrics.

So when a guy listens to this song, in no way he is going to be affected. Sometimes it so happens that the guy would really enjoy such song. Well why not? These are obviously hit songs. But when you see it from a girl's view, apart from the melody nothing else makes sense. It is very cheap and hurtful to put it exactly. Practically most of the ladies will ignore it thinking that its not me. And I believe that's where the whole thing goes off the track. Since there is no or very less opposition that was raised from the group that was attacked and the other group either enjoys or doesn't care, and to top it up and ofcourse it pours money to the people who produces it in the name of entertainment, these have become a staple in most of the movies. When we can have a commitee to determine if the movie can be viewed by kids or not, why not have a commitee to determine if a woman can listen to a song or not? Because clearly these songs make me cringe in my seat, even though I ignore it exactly the same way as every other woman does. I am sure we deserve more ! 

After the humungous hit of Kolaveri, there will be many more on their way to degrade the lady gang further and further. Whenever a team comes up with such song, they say its just for that character and not for the entire gang. Nothing in the song says so. I see it as an excuse to get rid of a mistake that have been commited. Not a fair game my friend !

I believe there should be a change in the trend as the generation grows. But with these gana songs changing the trend to soup songs just in the name but not in the subject kept me thinking about it for a while. Is it worth to take it further to our next generation? Obiously, NO. Isn't it the duty of the women to raise the voice and show the opposition against it?  I believe so. So here I contribute my share on this ocean.


~ Be the change you want to see in this world - Mahatma Gandhi

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Day :)

Its always a pleasure when we get gifts. Leap day is one such thing. An extra day, every 4 years, that is gift wrapped and delivered to every single person/thing in this world from its own creator. Thank you God for giving this extra day and making my presence in this world for one more day.

It is on these days that I get overly sentimental and think about all the problems that are around me and try to change myself so that it gets a little bearable. I thought it is my way of saying thank you to the person who shares this world along with me. So it is kind of helpful but most of the time I end up looking at the same problem in a different way realizing that its not just me, but there is also some one else involved. Not just at work, not just family, but also friends. Can you believe? Aren't friends there to give the comfort? Not always, I guess.

So on this day what I am gonna try is, just be myself and enjoy whatever that comes my way as such. It might sound a little vague or even silly but its been really a difficult thing for me to follow, that is, be myself and live a peaceful life. So I think, on this day somehow God made me realise that it is time to change. Lets see how well I shine up on this project . Now don't you guys forget to thank for this extra day that we got.

See you soon. Taata :)

Friday, February 24, 2012

Book Review: PRIVATE by James Patterson

James Patterson is known for suspense and thriller novels, moreover this was a best selling one so once I saw this book in my new library (yeah, we moved once again), I had to give it a read and I was not quite disappointed. Actually I started this one after I completed the famous "The Devil Wears Prada", which I felt was very slow and boring. I think that is because I had seen the movie before and reading the book didn't piqued me that much after that. So Private was kind-of a fast read.

Jack Morgan is the main character. He worked in military, serviced in Iraq, had a came-back-from-death incident, returns to his normal life and takes over the private investigation company of his father, eventually finds huge success out of it. Then on, the story revolves entirely around the investigation company, with his colleagues, his relationships,  his success, his fears, so on and so forth. He gets many private investigation requests from top shots. "Private" picks some of it and drops some of it. Most part of the book dealt with the serial killer investigation, which was the most interesting one of course. The online gaming stuff felt real, eventhough I am not even sure if such thing really exists. The most boring case, if I had to pick one, would be the NBA game case.

PRIVATE has some amazing set of investigators on its sleeves. My most favourite pick is Sci, ofcourse for being the computer geek.. yay.. and some of the other characters reminded me of the so many investigation serials that comes on tv forever. Coming to his relationship part, basically Jack just sucks. He doesn't know how to be in a relationship, or may be, like he says in the book, he is scared of any relationships after seeing a bad one between his mother and father. Anyways, I find it to be new, since most of the films and books tend to go on a path of, a successful guy gets the most beautiful woman ever attitude. But this one didn't. The way he mourns about his failed relationships, his fears by keeping it to himself and when he wanted to open to a trusted person, they just screw up on him. Those scenes were kind-of interesting and gave back the same I-don't-care attitute on the protagonist. I found it to be very practical.

The dreams that he gets, anonymous calls that he gets never felt like that was needed at any point. I thought those scripts were added just to make his character look like a complex one. His inner thoughts on how he left a person who can be saved from a burning helicopter, but instead took his nearly deceased friend out of it was reasonable. Atleast, I felt so when I read the book. The way Jack's inner thoughts were written was commendable. Overall I liked how his character has been developed in the book. Really nice writing. Unlike any other investigation thriller books I've read, this one dealt with more than two or three cases which I felt was a nice approach to deviate the reader's mind from guessing the main stream investigation plot in the book.

The writing was so good that not at any point it felt like for-the-sake-of-writing. One of the most gripping ones was when Jack found about his present GF's suicide attempt, he meets her at the hospital. And the way the lady lets him walk over her was very nicely written. It was not at all sentimental. After watching so many happily-ever-after movies, this one felt so real. Finally, I will definitely read the other books of James Patterson. As far this book is concerned, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Not even once I felt like its going slow. I will definitely recommend this book if anyone is interested in reading a investigation thriller.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tea For Two..

"If I could invite anybody for 'tea for two' today it would undoubtedly be ..................................My Dad".

He is such a pleasure to spend time with. Whenever I have a friend at my house, its not just gonna be my friend, she/ he will also be my dad's friend. That's how I can exactly say about my dad. He is the most friendliest person I've ever seen. Usually we(me, my friend & my dad) sit together and talk about what we can do, where we can go, what we can buy and all sorts of nonsense just to pass time during our school/ college days. He gives us ideas, tells jokes, friendly mocks and so on and so forth are such unforgettable moments. There are so many many weekends that me and my mom use to sleep like crazy late and my dad wakes up early and prepares coffee for us. I still couldn't forget the days when I open my sleepy eyes to see my dad holding the hot steaming coffee cups in his hand for me and my mom. Having a conversation with that coffee during the weekend morning are such a pleasure to think. Yeah I can just think and remember those days. My dad is no more. So if at all, I really wanted to invite someone for a cup of tea, it will definitely be my dad. And I am not just with that. I have preferences :) I need the same setup like me being the little one sitting next to the parents and listening to what they talk and adding my feedback. What else can be an absolute joy than that ?

Well, Why do I all of a sudden talk about tea and who am I gonna have it with? Alright people, there is this one amazing lady, Preeti Shenoy, who writes, crafts and has so many other talents which she didn't reveal it yet has started a kind-of-thread calling it as Creative Prompt. This is my humble response for that. I usually do not do threads or respond to any of that, mainly because I don't follow it justly but this one was hard to ignore. So Preeti, if at all you are reading this, good luck with your new book and I hope this one goes up as the best selling one as well. I hope for the best !!