Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Person Who Makes Me Feel Important

Yeah. And the answer is, my friend. I cannot say that she is my soul mate or a very very close friend. I know her for the past few years only but most of the times she makes me special may be for the reason she atleast remembers me. I got to know a new way of knowing what a friendship is.

In my life, till the point I met her, there was'nt an opportunity for me in knowing a good friend. And I mean a good friend. A real meaning as a friend. A friend who does'nt expect anything from me. Almost nothing, oh! no!, there is a thing! Yes, its always a good news from my side.

I have met many friends in my life, though, they all did not find a special place in my life. Many friends come and most of them leave but I know for sure, she is not of that kind which does'nt mean that I talk to her everyday or moreover to put it correctly, we talk very rarely.

She is not of a kind who knows everything about me and the same from my side. I know a little thing about her, which she herself might not have found yet. Its the right attitude she shows to everyone. And its not only for me. Its for everyone. Yeah, may be I am like everyone else for her. But for me, she proved on what a person should be.

Alright, I hope I am just praising too much for what she is doing. :) Just want to write about her since I write about so many other things, Why not her? Now comes the question, Who is she? Well, for the people who dont know me, its one of my friend. And for the others who know me, keep guessing :) I have not shared my thoughts about this lady with anyone until I write this post, indeed even with the lady herself. Yes. But there are so many people who are playing the same kind of role in my life, Or atleast they think so. Hence, I dont wanna reveal the name of that particular lady and make others jealous on her. So let it be a sweet little secret within me.


  1. enna madam samma y aputhir ellam podra..... is the person he/she.... i know u have mentioned she nu but still jawa thaan thideernu ippadi maritano nu dbt;)

  2. hey looseeee, i talk to her very rarely nu solrein illa.. then what.. its not jawaugh.. keep guessing..