Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My Trip to Disney Land

Yes.. We went to Disney Land last week.. It was a long-awaited wish of me.. When i was a child, i use to see the Disney Land shows and photos in "Sunday Cartoon Show" telecasted by Doordharshan. And, they use to sponsor the winning child of the quiz competition conducted by them to visit the DL. I use to dream of winning the quiz and flying to Disney.

To narrate the whole experience.. i would say that its a huge area filled with josh and fun mainly to the interest of childrens.. Although , it also makes many and many grown-ups becoming childrens .. which includes me and my hubby.

We parked our car and picked a road-train(..kind of) to reach the ticket counter. By the time my hubby was in line to buy the tickets , i went ahead of the counter area and was having a broad look of the n-acred land(i really donno how many acres it would be ...) out of unknown curiosity. My hubby came with the tickets.. without waiting for another minute, we passed the entrance checking.

The whole place was divided as "California Themes" (to our right) and "Adventure Parks"(to our left). We went ahead to the adventure parks. We were grandly welcomed with music by a big band. Passing that, we saw couple of shops selling pictures, chocos, T's, Toys.. of Mickeys, Donalds, Poohs and so on...

Moving ahead, we enjoyed many rides... Flying Elephant, Mad Tea Party, Jungle Cruise, and so on.. Since it was a holiday, the crowd was unusually high and every ride has a long line to be followed.. so, we dint have much time to go to all the ride. However we managed to cover atleast half of them

We thought of taking a break for some time and he went to get lunch for us. By that time, I managed to find a shady place to take some rest and started choosing among the rest of the rides which we can go post-lunch. While I was sitting in the dining area and was thinking bout the rides.. I watched many groups enjoying their visit to the place. Among them, a small and happy (hopefully.. ) family took my initial interest. It has a mom and dad, and 3 kids. The first two kids were looking at the Disney maps and were deciding on which ride to go first. The little kid was enjoying the fruit pulp which was spooned to its mouth by the mom when she and the dad had a break during their discussion ( only God knows wat it was all about ). And now, a loud oooouuuuuaahhhhh sound from my right side took my interest and it was a group of school childrens having fun among themselves. Next to them, there was a Senior couples sitting together and waiting for their son's family to come back from a ride. Now..., my hubby is back with the burgers and coke. By the time we finish it, the senior couple's son and his wife with their kid has come and the kid was telling about its excitement in the ride (ofcourse in ahhmarican accent`)

We quickly moved from the dining area and started going to the rest of the rides that we planned to go. Since, it was a very sunny day and also the crowd was too high, we dint go to all the rides as we planned. We had a couple of small breaks in between the rides and again I was in the process of watching groups that interests me..And, as the time goes on.. we were roaming here and there and were talking bout the people and many other things that took our attention.

By evening , we were totally exhausted and went to our last ride with the rest of the energy we had. It was a car ride and I drove it.

Now with no heart, we decided to leave the place. When we were walking back to the car paking area, we saw the parade of the cartoon characters. Took the car and with loads of fun-filled memories, we left the place. I stepped inside my home with forcefull pulling back of my memories from the Magic of Cartoons, its fantacies... and started preparing the coffee and was thinking about the dinner I can prepare for that night..

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