Tuesday, June 10, 2008

India Changes...

Its been almost half-year past I have come to US. I see lot of changes here. Climatic changes (drastic change since I've been living at Chennai in India where the climate is always hot sunny), People I see - includes Mexicans, Americans, Indians, Koreans and so many, Lifestyle and others. One thing which impresses me a lot here is The Servicing People, I mean Doctors, Policemens and other Govt Officials. They do their best job here. As far as Iam concerned, I have never come across corruption here. May be it exists in some other levels. However, I have not seen that.
Contrarily, In India I've seen corruption everywhere (Unfortunate). I've been very straight in telling this statement since this is a major issue thats spoiling my Nation. I am not being political here. I am not harsh. However, I need to tell the truth. I am not being bad to India and good to USA. Its not the matter of comparison. Its the matter of fact. Alright, I dont want to get into the details of whats happening through corruption or how it happens. I had a small imagination yesterday of how India would be if it becomes USA, i mean corruption-free(Guys, I really dont know whether it exists in US. For me, from what i have seen, its not here).
Now the imagination goes on like this(from my experience)...
1. Getting your Ration Items ( Govt-Based Grocery stores) in proper quantities.
2. Getting proper driving license for both two-wheeler and four-wheeler.
3. Water supplies to all the house-holds free of cost ( as announced by the Govt...), apart from water tax.
4. Getting back the exact change from the conductors of MTC ( Govt Bus Service).
6. No scoldings from any of the Servicing people for any mistakes which I've not done.
And the list goes on and on..
All these are simple things yet big when it happens to me. Almost all the middle-class people would have come across such an experience in India. We have so many malfunctions happening in all the industries in India. Every bad things happen. Yet, India proves to be a potential country. Without Indians, its difficult for Microsoft to go ahead, says Bill Gates.
Indians are settled all over the world, proving their point. With all the hindrences, they shine out. Reminds me of the quote.. Gold is tried by fire, brave men by adversity.

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