Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Lesson Learnt Tough is a Lesson Well Learnt

Every person experiences it. Educated or Uneducated, Rich or poor, senior person or a youth or may be a kid.. Every body does it. What is it that has been done everyday, everytime and everywhere? Well..Iam talking bout the "Learning Process".

Time as he grows old teaches many lessons. Experience teaches us. Each dawn teaches us that there is a new fresh beginning. Each day makes you older, indeed it makes you wiser. More to that, each and every second teaches its meaning.

If you cannot teach me to fly, teach me to sing. If life is not in the way you like it, you can learn to like the way as it is. Learning is everywhere, right from the way we came out of the womb to the way we become past memories. Everything has a meaning and eveyone has to learn it at some point.

There are no mistakes, no coincidences. All events are blessings given to us to learn from. Luck is the word we say so easily to describe someone's success, but we forget to ponder on the point that every person has gone through some learning process which leads to success.

Learning, the word not only means understanding but reacting. We speak because we've learnt. Learn to say no to the good so you can say yes to the best. We learn when to speak and when not to. We learn what to say and what not to. We learn how to say and how we should not.

A lesson learnt tough is a lesson well learnt.. Ofcourse,everyone knows their limits when they handle fire. Fire teaches a lesson which is learnt tough but is well learnt

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