Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Yes to "YUP" and No to "NOPE", An Indo-American Junky

Thought of writing how things changes in life. Well, this post talks about an Indian's transformation to an American, atleast an urge to behave so. It was quite an interesting subject for me as I see so many of them behaving in a different way, as we dont find such opportunity back home, which indeed includes me. I wanted to write on this subject, not only for the reason of attracting more Indians to my blog, but also to think on what reality is all about and how we forget about it and go around the illusion. I, by no means, wanted to hurt anyone by pointing out any such act. Here goes some of them.
1. Landing in USA with high hopes, however, hit hard by the actuality.
2. Searching the 2-minute noodle pack from the luggage bag.
3. Going to restaurant to have the usual dosa, idly sambars.
4. Getting pani puris for $5 instead of Rs.5.
5. Planning for long weekends before 2 months.
6. Visiting Niagra with family and friends.
7. Searching for near-by temples in Google Maps.
8. Multiply everything we buy with 40.
9. Always thinking about the visas from A - Z.
10. An obsession with IndiaGlitz, CricInfo, Techsatish and so on.

11. Reading online newspapers.
12. Use Orkut.Com to be in touch with friends.
13. Talking to mom and dad everyday with the least charged phone connections.
14. Having the GPS Navigation and hoping to reach for the sky.
15. Bachelors giving steady visits to,, and so on.
16. Using liquid soaps instead of bars.
17. iPod being an inevitable addiction.
18. Taking pictures of all the visited places and sending it to friends and family.
19. Buying highly pixelled cameras solely for the purpose of sending photos.
20. Learning how to clean the utensils efficiently.
21. Getting married in India in a hurry and coming back within 14 days.
23. Regular visits to Gym for the reason of becoming a member for 2-yrs.
24. "Whatz up?" instead of Hi and Hello. "Yo Yo" may also be included depending on mood swings.
25. Saying Yes as "Yup" and No as "Nope"
And the list is on and on and on..
And Guys, this list is for you to refresh and not to regret. Keep up the work. :)


  1. Good stuff. Is your point that most of us NRIs lead a life of delusional grandeur and superficiality that we could do without? Or is it for the love of rambling? ;-)

  2. I strongly approve to a response of yes with your first question though the latter one is also not to be highly disapproved.
    Why dont we live a life of an Indian here in US? Before answering to it, imagine how an American would live in India. I am afraid that he would live there for long time.