Wednesday, May 7, 2008

COMMITMENTS, Followed ?? or Forgetten??

With my h1b still in process and with no other important work, i was whiling away my day in browsing the net, sitting in a sofa placed next to the window and viewing the pedestrians in the near-by road.. Since there is a school near to my home, there will be lot of school childrens going here and there during the peak hours.

The school children's enthusiasm makes me remember my school days. No future plans, No worries. I use to live my life for that day. Coming back from school, playing with neighbours, pray to make my play time increase till i sleep , studies after 6 in the evening till 8, watching tv - Doordharshan News ( hate to watch this at that time.. almost most of the childrens do), and sleep after dinner, wake up call by 7 with the usual scoldings from my grandma and going to school holding grandma's fingers. The life was so good.

As we grow up, we have so many plans. Apart from our academic plans and getting settled in our life, we have other plans too. Personal Commitments...By personal commitments, i am not bringing here any new subject. It includes those small things which adds life to us, brings peace to our mind. In this IT world, it has become usual to most of us coming back to home by 12 in night or even some people stay at office to complete their work.

I have been working in a software company for the past 2 yrs in India. And when i think about the way i have missed so many good things in life, i feel bad.. infact guilty. Many of them, do feel the same way. Although, there are exceptions who live their life to the fullest. How do they do it? Why cant we live the way we want?

Thinking bout those, i can recognize some small things i have missed in my life like Going to temple, Calling your so-called best friend (atleast once in a week), meeting your grand-ma and grand-pa and having a small chat with them, going out to a movie with your friends ( i use to watch it in VCD at home), playing with the next door baby..These small commitments .. rather duties can make your life happy and peacefull .. and remember, it does the same even to others. How many of you think that having a cup of coffee with your mom and having a chat for just 10 minutes everyday will make her happy.. ofcourse everyone has to accept this but the truth is that not everyone does it.

So hoping for the best to happen in future and having my own personal commitments pictured in my heart, i am stepping up into my life with the thought of not forgetting it.

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