Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Vaal Natchathiram, Taare Zameen Par in Tamil

One of the marvellous movie made by Indian cinema industry and the credit goes to Mr. Aamir Khan, An Indian Actor.

Unlike Americans, Indians do not pay much attention in the self development of a child. Fortunately the trend is now changing and it is evident from the film called "Taare Zameen Par". A movie done with the mind setup of a child. It concentrates on what a child needs, what a child can do and cannot do. So everything is about the child. It typically tells us how Indian parents tend to change the path of a child with an illusion of taking them to a right side and ending up nowhere.

Now coming to the news, the film is originally made in hindi. According to the latest news from Aamir Khan, the film is to be dubbed in tamil with the name "Vaal Natchathiram". Eventhough I am happy about the news of dubbing the film in Tamil, it would have been more commendable if it is remade with tamil actors since I feel the impact of the film in that way would be more and can reach more audience. Anyhow, lets wait for the best to happen.

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