Monday, July 28, 2008

Random Thoughts

I have been thinking on this for a very long time, Since then I have read a book, dont exactly remember the author or even the title of the book. However, the subject revolves around me. Its about the random thoughts as into the matter of anything and everything in a day.
The author states that, every human being whether they like it or not, have random thoughts. And the author advices to jot down those thoughts of our inner mind in a paper. This has to be done everyday. May be we cant do it everytime but atleast whenever possible. This helps us to know about ourself, our inner thoughts, our true wants, our needs and everything. Sometime people end up with an expectation based on our surroundings or something else which might not be a real expectation or want. What we needed in real might be in our inner sole which we might have not even recognised. Jotting down the random thoughts might help us. Random thoughts may also be a trash. May be we can write some non-sense which is meaningless for us. However, after the 100 non-sense points we might end up with a 101th want of us, expecatation of us, meaning of our life, or may be anything else which is more than our own life itself. So its upto the person who takes the subject. May be they can write the 100 non-sense points and can find the betterment of their living or can have the option of leading the life not knowing its purpose. Options are within us. We have to take the decision.
"Its you who has to decide, Else some one else decides on you"
Be Wise..
Hope it reaches you guys in good thoughts..


  1. thank's

  2. I think that writing this stuff down is also great for guys with blogs who are trying to come up with things to write about. I try to keep a pen within reach at all times.

    Good luck with your site!