Thursday, August 21, 2008

What Life Taught Me

Well, It needs a thoughtfull response. And, it took me more than an usual timing for writing my post since I need to rewind a lot of things from my past. Initially, the flow was pretty less than I thought what I would be getting and as I go on and on, thoughts poured that I could not put each and everything and indeed it also has some intentional editing in the content.

I hope you guys would have read my post on the learning process. When I read the post again, I wondered , what a reality it is! We've learnt from everything and we will. Life teaches a lot to us. The trouble with using experience as a guide is that the final exam often comes first and then the lesson. How true it is!

Coming to my experience, rather the final exam, the results ranges from a phenomenal success to a worse failure. In any of the ways, I am always beneath the saying, "A success cannot be taken above your head, A failure cannot bury you under".

A dawn tells me there are oppurtunities, a dusk tells me to rest for a new beginning, love teaches me not to expect, life teaches me to expect, family teaches me of belongingness, regret teaches me to endeavor, depression teaches me of loneliness, however, loneliness teaches me to rejenuvate, high heels teaches me of styles, black color teaches me of magnetism, white shows me the eternal purity, and now, a blog teaches me of how to write and most importantly, how not to.


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