Friday, June 6, 2008

South-Indian Way of Cutting

Hmmm.. Yeah. South-Indian way of cutting veggies. :-)
We usually cut vegetables by knife. However my mom does it with a different instrument. And I hope this instrument is a definite-yes at every kitchens at TamilNadu. I am not sure of other South states of India. But I have seen this instrument at almost every home I have ever visited at Chennai(Tamil Nadu). And this is commonly known as Arivamanai(authentic name :-)).
When i help my mom in cooking(which is ofcourse very rare), I find it so difficult to cut the vegetables in Arivamanai. Its easy for me by Knife. Contrarily, my mom feels easy to cut it by Arivamanai. And she finds difficult in Knife.
I wanted to post about Arivamanai here just because, when i was cutting veggies at home today it reminded me about the authentic instrument. My mom cuts the veggies so thinly with that Arivamanai and its difficult for me even with the Knife. May be, it comes by practise.
Well.. so let me know how many of your household has Arivamanai and how many of you are still using it.. Keep Commenting !!
And thanks a lot for the comments given to me. It encourages me and also shows how much you care for me. Thanks :-)

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