Thursday, May 15, 2008

What can I write about?

Well.. With no other work to do, I was thinking about what to post in my blog...
I thought of posting about the current trends in India.. Well, have no idea on that.. so what else can I write about?

To make you know about me,
I can post about myself,
or May be about my friends, or may be my enemies
or may be about my work,
the books I read,
my approach towards the society,
or about how do I spend my money,
my hobbies, my love or my life,

Still pondering... What can I write about?
To make you chuckle..
I can post my most embarrasing moment,
or can I explain how my hubby interprets to prove that my newly tried recipe is awesome,
or can I discuss on which came first, egg or the hen,

What can I write about ?
Well.. to make you think..
I can post on "What can I write about?"
And Iam Still pondering...

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