Monday, August 18, 2008

Time To Discuss

Nice to meet you all again.
I am now here to inform you all with the new forum I've created. We can discuss on the forum about anything and everything. I have now started the forum with the basic things.
1. Prayer Room - Wherein we can pray for ourself or for someone else. Hope this helps a lot of people.
2. Random Discussion - As of now, I've categorized this section for general discussions on any subject.
3. Poetry - Its time to read some poems. The poem can be of any cader.
With more comments and suggestions I can go ahead with wide sections and categories. Hoping for the best.
And oops.. I forgot to tell you the link. The link is there on the right side of my blog in the "I Frequent with" section. Link name is "Forum Discussion".

See you all soon in the forum. :)

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