Thursday, September 16, 2010

Book Reads - My Opinion

I've updated a long time back about a book, Where Eagles Dare (WED). I finished it and also I've read many other books post that. Definitely, I would like to comment about "WED". Its an interesting novel and after seeing my post, one of my friend had told me that a movie was made out of it. I did'nt really knew it. And I am currently in search of that movie's cd. I like the serious way in which the book was written. It was a real thriller. The characterization of the artists in the novel is so strong. Hope I dont get disappointed with the movie. Indeed, I've also heard that its been done by Clint Eastwood. So I believe it will be worth to watch it.
The other books I've gotten hold of includes, "Tell Me Your Dreams" by Sidney Sheldon, "Can You Keep A Secret" by Sophie Kinsella, "The Undomestic Goddess" by Sophie Kinsella. I am also currently reading "The Winner" by David Baldacci.
Sidney Sheldon. I am always a great addict to his novels. He has a knack of narrating stories. Tell me your dreams is one among his best. I can read it any number of times. Its such an entertainer. The lead character has such a charisma to it. And evey time I read it, I give my own climax to the story. Its so new eveytime for me.
Books of Sophie's are like going for a vacation. Yeah !! It has everything in it. Like our masala movies. Love, Romance, Tragedy, Suspense, Dramas, and can list forever. Things that are missing is the songs & fights. If you add it, its a perfect Indian masala movie. I love reading it. However, I am not sure of watching it ;), I mean the typcial indian masala movies (its high time we need to change on this).  Not that I don't like movies that's been taken from Sophie's novels. I am waiting to watch Undomestic Goddess. Heard that its going to be released by 2011.
Now, its "The Winner". I've been reading it for a long time. I don't really find much time to finish the book. I read this book before going to bed. I have so many on my plate these days, so I am really not that much into reading when I go to sleep. Hope I finish it soon and  I will keep you updated on this.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Indian Rupee Identified !!!

Yeah. There is a new way of representing Indian Rupee. I really would love to punch it directly from my keyboard, but not yet given an opportunity for that. Though, who can stop me from putting it over here. So, here comes my pic of Indian Rupee.

To talk about Indian Rupees in my version, I need to take you way back to my kinder garden days. It was described by my mom, one of the scene she cherishes (must be, since its been a long time and still she remembers it..). I remember it in a vague way, though I would love to hear it from my mom again and again. Such an addicting pleasure!!
Me being brought up at my grand parents place, my parents weekend visits were more like a celebration to me. Saturdays & Sundays are heavens, Monday mornings are hell !! I know heaven & hell at KG age. Believe me !! Which KG child can withstand leaving the parents (that too for a full week) and going to school at the same time?? My dad, being the lenient would stay till lunch to spend a small together time with me. Mom being physically present and mentally thinking about the reasons she can quote to her superior for the late show. So the half hour lunch break on Mondays is the best time during the KG days. After the usual Sambar Rice / Rasam Rice, I would definitely opt for an icecream. And you know what, kids are not allowed outside the school during lunch break and I am a "I Want It Now" kiddo ;) So my Dad would run to the street corner and come back with an Arun IceCream Cup. It would've half melted by then. It doesn't matter to me. Coming to the Rupee part, Arun Icecream was Rs.9 /cup at that time. And, when my dad comes back with the cup, I will always ask him this. "Daddy, Andha 1 Rupeeeeeezzzz thaa" ("Daddy give me that 1 Rupeeeeeezzzz"). Even if he had brought it with exact change, I would always ask for that 1 Rupeeeeeezzzz.

 So many Rupees experiences, but as of now lets fast forward to my College days.. My neighbor and me would love to go to local bakery shops in the evening. And what's gonna stop us. Indeed, Rupees !! :) Yeah. Dad is always the last stop ( or the first ;).. ) to get the Rupees. Its always Rs. 30 /- with which we can buy a small pizza and a slice of black forest. Oh ! Good old days !!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Years have passed...

Years have passed...

It did. You made us go through yet another year without your existense. What am I thinking ??

May be, everything has a reason. May be, you wanted to stay with us as close as you want. May be, there is no control on everything. May be, the truth is the harsh reality. May be, this is how it has to happen. And there are so many may be's and yet Mom and me couldn't find one reason that satisfies us.

You being physically absent is'nt easy for any one of us, though the thought of you being present somewhere next to us makes the living. Hope you had seen all the joys I went through this year and as always, you are the first I share it with. I believe, the good coincidences happens by your wishes and I am hoping that it happens again and again for us. Dad, We miss you and I am sure we will miss you forever.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Trip to NY

I wanted to share some pics of our NY trip. You see.. I am not gonna share the posing pics here. Just some poster pics with whats on my mind stuff.. So here they are..

Hudson River at Sunset... Got to take a pic of it, since the first thing that comes to my mind about it is the flight getting landed up in the river.. Oh no !! I cant even imagine it. Think of the people who experienced it and moreover in the month of Jan.. Unimaginable..

Here is the next one. Took it from Empire State Building and can you guess what's more interesting there? Have a good look at the pic and think about it..







Ok.. Ok.. Its the liberty statue. If you could see it more carefully, again (I know :D ), you could see two islands. From the right, the first one is the Ellis Island and the second is the Liberty Island. Alright, here is the big picture :)

Now, I dont want to disappoint you all. Here are some living beings. Me and sash having a very serious conversation. She had her own doubts about the place..and ofcourse, with the Manhattan background.

Thats it for now !!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Where Eagles Dare

I am done with "Where Eagles Dare", a suspense novel. An interesting novel with an unexpected ending. I have not predicted the climax of the novel during my read. The characters in the novel are formed so very well and I am really not surprised that its been recommended by so many of them I know. Ahead is "The Winner by David Balducci. I have not even started it but I am totally excited since this book is yet another recommendation I've got.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Book Reads

I spoke about the famous Barrington-Woods combo in one of my previous post, that's New York Dead and Dirt. Those were decent reads. And post which , I've read another series of the combo, Dead in the Water. It was also a similar kind. I definitely needed a break from Woods books. So thought of going for another author and now I am reading Where Eagles Dare by Alistair MacLean. So far, its interesting and for sure a page turner. Got it recommended from one of the web portal and the novel seems to be worth it in investing your time. This book, I got it from my local library and the book was funded by the town and was bought in the year 1967. The price of the book at that time was $4.95. Interesting, huh !! Will keep you updated about the novel when I am done with it.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A search for betterment

Contradicting to my previous post's topic.. Is'nt it??  Yes. But if you read the content you would be knowing on what I meant. Just happened to read the below article and it sounds so compelling and the most saneful behaviour towards betterment. This is what I meant. Betterment should be a passion, not an act of proving it over others.
Danvers High Salutatorian Speech
Hope you enjoy the read !!


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Is Normalcy A Sin?

Urge to excel in anything and everything. Sounds so compelling and inspiring, though not that happens in reality. Any positive parenting would be done with this idea in mind. May be the word urge can be changed to practise. Most of the time, it would be just the word that has changed but not the behaviour. The act that pushes the best ever possible intention to excel. Sometimes, this push would be too much that the point of excelling in something adds no value to a person's life.

Why is it so necessary to excel in something?, is the question. Why is it so necessary to excel than others? is yet another one. The former can be defined as to acheive, to live, to fulfill the basic necessities of life. The latter one can be answered so tactfully as to inspire, to teach, to showcase and many other acts that passes the information to the next generation. This is only one side of the coin and the other side would be to prove to be superior than others. When the superiority comes out of the content of the person, it is worth it to be so. If not, why is there a need to prove your actions to be superior. Any behaviour is made with an addiction to show case the betterment of the one over the other. Being an average is considered a sin.

A conversation that satisfies a person by exhibiting the advantages of his own over the other makes no use to the other person or to anyone else who listens to it. Instead, the addiction is taken over by the third person who listens to it and becomes contagious in nature. A person who mocks others, gets mocked by somebody else. So even after knowing that it will come back to us the same way as we did it, many of us fail to understand the negativity that was created in the action and will start to compete upon others. The urge to compete happens to stop showcasing the normalcy of one's efficiency. How long and to what extend can a person compete. There is a saturation point to anyone in this world and one day or the other, the mocking is gonna come back. So what is the point of competing when there is no way of escaping from the best's best.
This is not against excelling upon something, but excelling upon someone else and the "have to" attitude of such act.

Monday, January 4, 2010


Avatar. My recent favourite, I must say. This film brings a new way of Film making. I really loved the whole film, literally, scene by scene. I dont want to give a synopsis about the film here since most of them would know it already. If not, go ahead and watch the film. It definitely is a new experience.
I remember watching an old tamil movie in 3D format and after which I did saw a couple of 3D pics in English. But, I must say, this is a whole new experience for me and the full two and half hours was a complete entertainment with lot of social issues addressed at so many places which I could guess it only after I came out of the Cinema Hall. Yes. Believe me! You think about the film even after you come out of the hall. Well, I did !!
James Cameron is such an intellectual film maker. He had a short script of the movie "Avatar" in the year 1996, immediately after the release of The Titanic. Though he was working on other projects too, he decently contributed to the script of this film and when asked about the delay in 2006, the reply was, they were waiting for the technology to get developed to complete the film. !@!@!@! Who would expect such a reply. Then the technology came and the film was done. After that, one more short delay for updating the Cinema Halls to screen the show. Whats the use of making a film without having a right way to exhibit it. Yes, they waited for the theaters to install latest 3D Projectors. And finally, here it is. ON the screen seen by awestruck audience. It just amazes me when I see so much of passion for Film Making. After all, it is considered only as an entertainment in many parts of India. I personally had grown up in such an environment where film is always made with 5 songs, 4 fights and a love story. Well, even this Gentle Man(JC) I am talking about has made such films but think about the fresh look of the film. The new way of putting the old things. I absolutely see it coming from passion or atleast from true effort. I also have to support the sincere Indian guys who put a lot of effort in film making. I did saw a good number of meaningful Cinema last year (2009). So I guess, the trend is changing in India and we ought to see lot more meaningful films in future instead of picturing the super natural abilities of road side romeos.

Oh! I almost slipped it. This film had loads of creativity to it. Not just in technology. Anything and everything I see is new in the film. The new world, new creatures, new places, new people and what not !! The storyline depicts about how anything and everything can be trashed without Peace. As I said before, I saw so many social issues addressed in the film. Most of them are addressed in a way that a common man knows it, experiences it and cannot ignore it like workplace politics, racism, war, gender discrimination, and so many. Wonderful way of blending the real factors into an imaginary creation. The film ends with a song. I SEE YOU. It always feels good when I come out of the theatre after watching a happy ending with a happy song. Here is the song for you to enjoy.

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year 2010

Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous New Year 2010. I wish everyone gets the best in their life with lots and lots of love, peace, luck and happiness. May the new year add wonderful moments in your life. Rock on ...