Tuesday, November 1, 2011

7am Arivu - Movie Pointers

This is the first time I am writing a review on a movie. I was a little skeptical about it first but then I thought what is my blog for?  So to venture out my opinions, here I start. And one more thing, I didn't wanted to do the usual paragraph writing, the way I do for the books I read. So its just bullet points that came to my mind. And a verdict after that. Not a professional one but just for fun !

SPOILERS AHEAD !! Stay away if you haven't watched the movie yet and are planning to watch it.
  • Surya is Macho !! Well, I can't stop myself from saying it. And look that's the first point :)
  • Surya's eyes had some spot light since I was glued to his body the whole time.
  • Shruti looks sizzling in Red.
  • Songs are speed breakers.
  • Shruti's scenes have this background score that sounds so much like 12B simran's background score. Harris's magic !!
  • I remember none of the songs after the movie. Everything sounds ok when listening but can be easily forgotten. Not much except for the hero and heroine dancing around.
  • Surya-Shruti love story was a little wierd. Hope Aamir or Shah Rukh changes the script when it goes to hindi. And hello.. are you still thinking if it will go to hindi? Look at the recent statistics.
  • I couldn't see Surya & Shruti as a couple. Chemistry is totally missing, atleast to my eyes.
  • Surya wears less dress than the heroine. Too bad that Shruti didn't have a bikini debut in Tamil.
  • Shruti's dubbed her own voice. Tremendous effort. Some felt it was kind of Tanglish. But I liked it. Azhuttham thiruthama irundhadhu. I remember Kamal Haasan's advice to many actors. Dub your own voice. It makes a huge difference.
  • Oh boy !! Is he a villain or some kind of a black magic guy. I'll better run before he looks at me.
  • The intro fight sequence was just mesmerizing :) I can look at Surya's eyes for as long as I can if he'd let me :)
  • The fight sequence on the chennai streets was a nail biting one. I was like what the heck !! That guy who was cleaning the underground drainage system was an unpredictable one! I could easily guess that a lady is gonna come up. 
  • And haei.. that guy from Mangatha is here too. He is cute :)  The last word he uttered in the film was "Dong Lee" in a funny way. And then he went missing.
  • So sad with that girl who died. I don't know why the director wants blood in a gory way in all of his movies. I didn't like one bit of it. As far as the girl, she did a decent job.
  • Surya's pazhi vangum dialogues were good. I understood every reference made in it eventhough there is no exact names used. It must have consumed a good time to come up with that one. 
  • Exporting Indian professionals made me cringe. But wait a minute, they get to talk about all these? Just because they earn crores and crores staying in India, they can point out every one who steps out of the country? I am not buying it.  NRI's make a huge contribution to India in FDI (Foreign Direct Investment). Thats a good lump sum than what these crorepati's would contribute. Don't get me started now.
  • Burning the library, burning the old stuffs like olaichuvadi in the name of tradition were a shocker. We need more such awareness.
  • I am happy that I know about turmeric and I use it a lot. 
  • Finally, all ends well with a thoughtful message. Audience have to forget about the banned research that was actually done. Technically, Shruti & Surya must be in trouble instead they are doing a spot light interview. And the director(AR Murugadoss) watches them from the backstage with a very stern look.
  • Surya's acting is at its best. He is a charmer. All praises for the effort which he is known for.
  • Shruti's acting was applaudable. Golden film for her considering it as the first one. I hope she stays for the longest time possible.
  • Another hit from AR Murugadoss. I wonder how this petite guy can come up with such commendable ideas. Never estimate a book by its covers. So true! This movie will bring another bump in his career scale. Just an awesome thought.
Verdict: 7am Arivu - Proud? I Sure Am.