Thursday, August 7, 2008

My Notes For Your View

Hope you all remember about the post i've written on Random Thoughts. Now its the time to look on some of the points i've written on my note. Ofcourse I have shown only certain thoughts for you. So here it is.

Am I good?
How sweet life can be.
Why people are so crazy.
I love being alone.
How do others force me to do things?
I can do it.
I am here for no one else except me.
Here is where I have to start from.
I have to be cautious.
I need to learn a lot on the art of living.
I hate some of them who are told as my friends.
I dreamt of going back to school.
I have to be open.
I am not here for charity.
I am so happy.
I want to be perfect.
Speaking a lot makes me feel good.
Want to see my mom.
Do I speak alone?
I love making friends.
Morning is so exhilarating.
Friends are dangerous when they become too close to me.
Am I nagging?
Have I seen a good person in my life?
I can do a great job.
How can I pray?
I feel wonderfull to be loved.
I like to see me make mistakes so that I can learn.
I believe in strong relationship.
I do believe in the week too, since they exist more than strong.
I love pink color.
Love makes life meaningfull.
Love makes life critical.
I strongly believe in God but I have no clue how I do so.

More As I Feel More.
See You Soon.

1 comment:

  1. I too
    ... I strongly believe in God but I have no clue how I do so.
    Wow, is it not the proof of our love to God not through the wisdom of our words but with the whole life That is above all words