Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Wonderful Story

All my life, I've heard so many stories from my dad and my grand parents. My dad is the one who told me most of the stories. I always pester him when going to bed to tell me some stories. Its just plain pleasure listening to those stories and go to sleep. Those were the days I still couldn't read it from the books. It was just picture stories from chandamama. And when that's all done, my dad use to find kids books, buy it, read it for me and then the way he narrates it when going to bed is just unexplainable comfort. You see, it happened when I was very very little, may be, 5 or 6 and I still remember every bit of it. Alright now, what made me talk about this is yet another comfort. After almost 20 or so years, Yeah... Stop guessing about my age now :) , So.. after so many years, I have a yet another story teller in my life. And this time, not for me but for my girl.

One fine night, I was totally tired from my usual work of the day and went to bed along with my ever so active kid. My husband was obviously next to me thinking, what next? And then, as usual I tried possible things to make my baby go to sleep, but in vain. My hubby took over and I hid myself in my comfy blankie. So after a moment or so, my hubby started to tell a story to our kid which was the best story I've heard after a very very, and I mean a very long time. It was such pleasure. So here is the story for you. I am sure no one else had heard this one. So enjoy !
There was a little puppy sitting on the playground all alone. And then came another puppy for a walk. This puppy saw the sitting puppy and went to it. It asked why the puppy is just sitting. The sitting puppy replied saying that its very bored. So the walking puppy asked if the sitting puppy can come for a coffee? The sitting puppy felt very happy and went for coffee. They had their coffee and when they had to pay the bill, the walking puppy asked the sitting puppy to pay. But sitting puppy said, I don't have money. You invited for coffee so you have to pay. They both fought and went back to home. Next day, both the puppies were sitting, without talking or playing. And then, there comes a third puppy. It saw these two puppies, and asked why? Both the puppies told what happened. So the third puppy said ok and went to the coffee shop all alone. When coming back from the shop, the third puppy got coffee for all the three of them and said lets share it. It also asked the puppies not to fight and to forget the past. Then all the three puppies stayed happy and played together ever after :)
By then, my kid was asleep. I was under my blankie listening to the story and felt contented. It made my day. Thank You !!
I wanted to end the year with a beautiful story, which happened to come from the best guy I've known for years. And I am so happy that we made through one more happy year. Lots have happened in this last year. It taught me so many things, as a mother, as a wife, as a working women and as a friend. Some things that I regret but indeed learnt from it. Some things that I treasure. Hope there would be more and more treasured moments in the coming years. Thank You everyone ! I wish for a very very happy new year to you and your family.
Happy New Year 2012 !!


  1. Its a lil late but still HNY:)

  2. Cute story!

    I hated and hate reading too, I love listening to them, even now :P

  3. When's the next story/post coming our way??