Monday, December 12, 2011

Mayakkam Enna - Movie Pointers

As such, pointers again. One thing I noticed is, these pointers will entertain much more if you had already watched the movie and have come here to read it. Absolute pleasure that way !! But if you decide otherwise, I have only one thing to say. SO MANY MANY MANY SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!!
  • Yet another Selvaraghavan's movie.
  • Same formula. Heroine don't give a shit for the hero, and eventually fell in love with him.
  • Another rule broken. Hero loves a friend's girl friend and ends up marrying her. Usually it will be a sister or a girl whom that friend loves.. like kind of a one-sided love story.
  • Actually in the movie, the heroine clarifies that she is not a GF but just a date. She goes out with this friend as a partner, stay way more than midnight wth him, dances with him and I mean in a romantic way and so on and so forth. Except a particularly intimate situation (which indeed happened with the hero, Dhanush), everything else seems to be done with this friend. Puhleeeassee!! As far as I see it, she pretty much shows up as a GF.
  • Somehow, I so loved that gang of friends. It was so nice to watch them together. But I felt like that father character had killed the charm of it. Why do we always need a drunkard single father to support a group of friends? So stereotypical !
  • Friend's father - Felt like I am watching an ad.
  • The subtle looks between Dhanush and Richa were enjoyable. I had to giggle everytime they did that.  Was nicely done.
  • Lizard scene was very very funny. Dhanush pulls it at the right moment.
  • The marraige scene was quick and gave some relaxation. All the while I was thinking what next? what next? not because I was so piqued or anything.. but just that how far can this be screwed up??
  • Dhanush's fart was ridiculous and to top it up he asks if she doesn't do it. Richa's response brought a big pleasure. Girls & especially Guys, Be aware !! Please use the respective private rooms.
  • Dhanush's dog act was really nice. I felt so sad and pitied him :) Chhooo chweet.
  • Dhanush's career - Photography as a career is a new thing I am watching on silver screen. And the scenes between that professional guy and Dhanush was done really well. I thought it was very very practical.
  • That suicide scene - I so expected it. I swear ! When dhanush was reading the paper, I was like, this guy is one big crack, he might fall off from the balcony and the next moment he did it. I gave a big pat for my exceptional prediction..
  • After all the happiness, there comes a betrayal followed by a suicide. The story becomes upside down. The cheerful couple is gone. A drunkard, psycho, sick guy becomes the husband and a truthful commited girl becomes a wife.
  • Dhanush's performance was powerful. A casual cool buddy look is a not so new look on him but I am awe stuck by his performance as an angry drunkard. He portrayed rightly as a person who got betrayed. One moment I pitied him and the other moment I so hated him to the core (I mean the character, of course).
  • Dhanush's reactions were so nice in many places. "I don't understand you" look to Richa when she was dating that friend, "Oh Yeah !It's my marraige" look to the friend who is now sitting as an audience, "the shocked" look after knowing that he has been betrayed, and the last(as of now) but not the least, "I am absolutely an angry man for what the heck is happening to me" look at his friend's wedding scene. All I can say is, what a good show !!
  • Richa has got good potential in her. I initially thought she is yet another girl with good assets to walk through the 3 hours of a movie until the scene were she explodes over Dhanush for what has happened. Gotcha !! Shock all over my face.
  • Richa's response to one of Dhanush's friend to be his Mistress was wierd. But that helped to show how strong of a character that she is. 
  • Dhanush's success seem to be OK'ish.
  • Richa's Ex-BF is now Dhanush's sister's husband. He has been a truthful friend all the while but the sister has changed and is now jealous of Dhanush. Now people, some truely exists just like this same character. Believe me !! Now before your nosy mind comes to a conclusion,  FYI, I don't have any siblings, wink wink, :)
  • Showing the passport photo on the Photography Industry's so-called Oscar Award ceremony was a good one. I gave a joyful big sigh with a smile !!  
  • Cinematography was totally good. It has to be. After all the movie is based on it. Good job there.
  • Songs were all nice to watch and to listen. I loved the "naan sonnadhum mazhai vandhucha" and "Pirai thedum iravilaei". Wow just amazing songs. I am so hooked to these right now. "Ennenna seidhom inga" was apt for the group of friends. "Oda oda oda" & "Kadhal adhu kaadhal" were funny.
  • Ending the movie with a "Hello..." after a big oodal was obviously, Selva's touch ! 
நிழல் தேடிடும் ஆண்மையும்.. நிஜம் தேடிடும் பெண்மையும்

ஒரு போர்வையில் வாழும் இன்பம்.. தெய்வம் தந்த சொந்தமா

என் ஆயுள் ரேகை நீயடி.. என் ஆணி வேரடி

சுமை தாங்கும் எந்தன் கண்மணி.. எனை சுடும் பணி..