Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tea For Two..

"If I could invite anybody for 'tea for two' today it would undoubtedly be ..................................My Dad".

He is such a pleasure to spend time with. Whenever I have a friend at my house, its not just gonna be my friend, she/ he will also be my dad's friend. That's how I can exactly say about my dad. He is the most friendliest person I've ever seen. Usually we(me, my friend & my dad) sit together and talk about what we can do, where we can go, what we can buy and all sorts of nonsense just to pass time during our school/ college days. He gives us ideas, tells jokes, friendly mocks and so on and so forth are such unforgettable moments. There are so many many weekends that me and my mom use to sleep like crazy late and my dad wakes up early and prepares coffee for us. I still couldn't forget the days when I open my sleepy eyes to see my dad holding the hot steaming coffee cups in his hand for me and my mom. Having a conversation with that coffee during the weekend morning are such a pleasure to think. Yeah I can just think and remember those days. My dad is no more. So if at all, I really wanted to invite someone for a cup of tea, it will definitely be my dad. And I am not just with that. I have preferences :) I need the same setup like me being the little one sitting next to the parents and listening to what they talk and adding my feedback. What else can be an absolute joy than that ?

Well, Why do I all of a sudden talk about tea and who am I gonna have it with? Alright people, there is this one amazing lady, Preeti Shenoy, who writes, crafts and has so many other talents which she didn't reveal it yet has started a kind-of-thread calling it as Creative Prompt. This is my humble response for that. I usually do not do threads or respond to any of that, mainly because I don't follow it justly but this one was hard to ignore. So Preeti, if at all you are reading this, good luck with your new book and I hope this one goes up as the best selling one as well. I hope for the best !!

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  1. Thanks a lot for taking part--and yes we share something in common. If I could invite anyone, it would be my dad too. (I too lost him)

    You haven't linked the bloggerr profile--perhaps thats why your link isnt appearing?

    I found you from google circles.

    Thanks for the wishes