Friday, December 9, 2011

Disgusting Make up

Alright ladies. I am not totally against make up. In fact, I like makeup and having a polished look and all that, but some of these disgusting ads thats been telecasted in TV just makes me go nuts. Really.. especially that new Banjaras Fairness ad is totally irritating. I just want to give a big punch on the face of that guy, that amma and that stupid girl. The girl after using the said cream gets all pretty and goes in front of the so called bridegroom and gives a nice pose. Stop me if I am wrong. Which is the sale product here? The banjaras cream or that girl?  Where are we going with such ads. Although my mindset do not accept the fact that this one particular ad is gonna change the way youth are gonna think, it is just plain atrociousness to know that so many people would have approved for such an ad to be telecasted to public. And to add more to this, its been telecasted so many times in a day. I initially thought I shouldn't be complaining for such a silly ad but its beyond too much to forget about it and move on.


  1. elo..u back to blogginga!! oru bittu podapdaatha!! and bye the bye...ur war cry is against fashion industrya illa adsa? :D :D whichever it is..uhumm...karadiya kathinaalum kekka aal illai

  2. enna solradhu gils.. sevudan kadhula sangu oodhina kadhai dhaan..
    unga blogguku vandhu comments mazhai pozhiyumbodhey you should've guessed that I am back nu..

  3. Yeah, these ads should get more creative! I'm tired of these cream transformation ads!