Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Years have passed...

Years have passed...

It did. You made us go through yet another year without your existense. What am I thinking ??

May be, everything has a reason. May be, you wanted to stay with us as close as you want. May be, there is no control on everything. May be, the truth is the harsh reality. May be, this is how it has to happen. And there are so many may be's and yet Mom and me couldn't find one reason that satisfies us.

You being physically absent is'nt easy for any one of us, though the thought of you being present somewhere next to us makes the living. Hope you had seen all the joys I went through this year and as always, you are the first I share it with. I believe, the good coincidences happens by your wishes and I am hoping that it happens again and again for us. Dad, We miss you and I am sure we will miss you forever.

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  1. i can totally relate to this post for i share the same grief. cudnt've put more better in words.