Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Is Normalcy A Sin?

Urge to excel in anything and everything. Sounds so compelling and inspiring, though not that happens in reality. Any positive parenting would be done with this idea in mind. May be the word urge can be changed to practise. Most of the time, it would be just the word that has changed but not the behaviour. The act that pushes the best ever possible intention to excel. Sometimes, this push would be too much that the point of excelling in something adds no value to a person's life.

Why is it so necessary to excel in something?, is the question. Why is it so necessary to excel than others? is yet another one. The former can be defined as to acheive, to live, to fulfill the basic necessities of life. The latter one can be answered so tactfully as to inspire, to teach, to showcase and many other acts that passes the information to the next generation. This is only one side of the coin and the other side would be to prove to be superior than others. When the superiority comes out of the content of the person, it is worth it to be so. If not, why is there a need to prove your actions to be superior. Any behaviour is made with an addiction to show case the betterment of the one over the other. Being an average is considered a sin.

A conversation that satisfies a person by exhibiting the advantages of his own over the other makes no use to the other person or to anyone else who listens to it. Instead, the addiction is taken over by the third person who listens to it and becomes contagious in nature. A person who mocks others, gets mocked by somebody else. So even after knowing that it will come back to us the same way as we did it, many of us fail to understand the negativity that was created in the action and will start to compete upon others. The urge to compete happens to stop showcasing the normalcy of one's efficiency. How long and to what extend can a person compete. There is a saturation point to anyone in this world and one day or the other, the mocking is gonna come back. So what is the point of competing when there is no way of escaping from the best's best.
This is not against excelling upon something, but excelling upon someone else and the "have to" attitude of such act.


  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving your comments, Suganya. Thought provoking post. I think that if the desire to excel comes from within, then it is OK. It is only when it is forced upon you by someone else that it becomes harmful.

  2. Glad that you hoped in Jayashree !!