Saturday, July 17, 2010

Indian Rupee Identified !!!

Yeah. There is a new way of representing Indian Rupee. I really would love to punch it directly from my keyboard, but not yet given an opportunity for that. Though, who can stop me from putting it over here. So, here comes my pic of Indian Rupee.

To talk about Indian Rupees in my version, I need to take you way back to my kinder garden days. It was described by my mom, one of the scene she cherishes (must be, since its been a long time and still she remembers it..). I remember it in a vague way, though I would love to hear it from my mom again and again. Such an addicting pleasure!!
Me being brought up at my grand parents place, my parents weekend visits were more like a celebration to me. Saturdays & Sundays are heavens, Monday mornings are hell !! I know heaven & hell at KG age. Believe me !! Which KG child can withstand leaving the parents (that too for a full week) and going to school at the same time?? My dad, being the lenient would stay till lunch to spend a small together time with me. Mom being physically present and mentally thinking about the reasons she can quote to her superior for the late show. So the half hour lunch break on Mondays is the best time during the KG days. After the usual Sambar Rice / Rasam Rice, I would definitely opt for an icecream. And you know what, kids are not allowed outside the school during lunch break and I am a "I Want It Now" kiddo ;) So my Dad would run to the street corner and come back with an Arun IceCream Cup. It would've half melted by then. It doesn't matter to me. Coming to the Rupee part, Arun Icecream was Rs.9 /cup at that time. And, when my dad comes back with the cup, I will always ask him this. "Daddy, Andha 1 Rupeeeeeezzzz thaa" ("Daddy give me that 1 Rupeeeeeezzzz"). Even if he had brought it with exact change, I would always ask for that 1 Rupeeeeeezzzz.

 So many Rupees experiences, but as of now lets fast forward to my College days.. My neighbor and me would love to go to local bakery shops in the evening. And what's gonna stop us. Indeed, Rupees !! :) Yeah. Dad is always the last stop ( or the first ;).. ) to get the Rupees. Its always Rs. 30 /- with which we can buy a small pizza and a slice of black forest. Oh ! Good old days !!

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