Thursday, September 29, 2011

I am 50 posts old

Yeah !! I've successfully completed my 50th post yesterday. Eventhough it wasn't impressively fast, I am happy about the way my blog has shaped during these days. To get into my 50th post it took me more than 3 years. Those 3 years are precious years of my life. I've grown from a newly married girl to a young mother. This being the 51st post I thought of writing about a person who changed my life. Yes. I am going to talk about my kid and I am so happy about that. I go with what every mother says, motherhood is such a good feeling and every woman has to go through it. I am so blessed to have such a cute girl as a daughter and I thank god for that. I pray and wish for the best of everything that she will get. I can go on and on about how happy I am about my baby. I just wish that I stay the same all the time till I live.

Being a mother gave me so many things. It just added that motherly instinct in me. Having a baby changed many things in my life, precisely my perception on everything. First and the foremost is the thought that my mother, my husband's mother and every other mother in this whole world had to go through things which I've been through just makes me respect every woman I see. Coming to the rest of the people who came to life through those mothers, and the thought that those mother's love on their children is just same as the way I have it on my baby makes me love them too and forgive them if they do make any mistakes. So in a way, I am saying that I love everyone. Isn't that crazy !

Anyways, after reading that don't you ever think that I can be taken for a ride. No No No !! I have set my limitations and I have my lines drawn. So there is no way that anyone can take me for granted. Being a mother gave that confidence to me. You see, eventhough we think a baby can be so nice, cute and pleasant and all other good things that we can think of, we have to accept that they come with diapers, lotions, creams, formula, pumping, washing clothes and loads and loads of other things. And this is just for the baby. Huh ! I am done with that since mine is a toddler now. Talking about toddler adds another list. Finger foods, table foods, this food, that food, juices.. oh ! all that for just those 2 bites. Running around, playschool, "i-will-walk-on-my-own" attitude, climbing stairs, getting down.. All I can say is mothers do get in shape during this time. I don't even have to say about the toddler tantrums. Every mother had seen it and will see it. So there comes a whole lot of situation where a mother can be taken for a ride by the child. And all these can be managed only if a mother is strong and knows what has to be done at which moment. My girl had sure taught me that !

I've been living a life of a dual personality. Being a likable one and a stern one. And kids do get that !  That just amazes me on how fast they get to know things. And how well they shape themself to a situation. Kids are just like a sponge. They just take everything to their mind and learn fast. And most importantly they teach the adults in some way or other. So every day teaches me something new which may or may not be meaningful but it sure does makes a difference. The learning process is definitely on for me and I am happy that my girl makes me wiser every day. Hence this post is for my sweet little cutie pie of mine. Thank you for doing so much to me ! And you be so always !!

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