Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Driven me crazy

One thing that has been constanlty bothering me for some time is the fact that I have to learn to drive a car to get a life of my own. You see.. I'll tell you a situation I might go through.. I know I think a lot.. but still if this happens ?!?! So here it goes... If my husband is going out of state leaving me and my girl at home, of course that is a rare possibility since all the time we'll be tucked in.. anyways, if he goes out of state or somewhere where it is really not possible to reach home in the next half hour, and then if the milk in my refrigerator has gone bad and if I had to give that extra sippy cup with milk to divert my attention-seeking toddler or if I really want to have that soothing cup of tea for myself, I have to go to that 1.5 miles far from our place convenient store and get it. With no driving license its not possible at all. Now you get my point right :) Hence started my journey of getting a license. Oh Boy! What a roller coaster ride that was !!

People, don't think I am a complete illiterate in driving a car. I do have a driving license from India. I got that by driving an old Maruti 800 for almost 15- 30 minutes for 15 days. On the 16th day, well not exactly , I got the license. So I do have some experience. With that and a break of 3 years from getting an Indian license and with the aim of getting an US license I started to bother my trustful husband. First thing, before even getting into the driver seat I had to clear a written test. I thought that should be a breeze for me. Exams are not a bother since I've seen exams for almost 20 years of my life. Eventhough this is not a self advertisement I have to say that I can write sheets and sheets of answers till the last minute even after knowing that I am done almost 15 minutes ago is one of my humble talent :) So with that thought I started reading the manual and came to know that its gonna be multiple choice questions. Alright !! So I gotto understand it. I consoled myself and started again. With my understanding process and with the help of so many cheat sheets online I cleared the written test and thought that getting into the driver's seat wouldn't be that tough. How silly I was !!

The first 2 or 3 times I drove the car in my hubby's office parking area wasn't a pleasant experience for any of us and without further torture I opted to learn it from a driving institute. So one fine day we travelled to downtown exclusively for attending the class. The class was kind-of easy for me. I was in between the no-idea-to-drive and i-know-to-drive types. I hope the instructor has not seen much of such types and was impressed with my "in-between" skills. On top of it he added saying that I have a good chance in clearing the driving test. That was enough for me to opt out from taking yet another class. I said the same to my husband and started to practise on my own with my husband on the passenger seat having his one hand sticking out to hold the steering wheel. If you picturise it along with my not-so-happy face for the fact that he is doing so might entertain you for some time. Anyways, before the test day we got all the information from so many kind friends of ours and had known the routes by which the instructor will make me drive and about all the questions he might ask and every other info that they can remember. Exactly the day before the test I just wanted to prepare myself very well. So we went for a test drive :) My hubby showed me the route the first time and then when we returned back I drove it. Oh boy !! that was one hell of an experience. I never ever thought I could be this much discouraged for changing a lane without signalling for it. Once I've done that, my husband pointed it to me and said if some other car had come that way we might have got hit. That was it !! I just got so scared.. so very scared that I can't talk anything else but just cry cry and cry.

So finally on the day of my scheduled test we went to the counter and informed that we have come for the driving test and my husband was constantly pushing the positive thoughts to get in my mind when all I had in my mind was this negative feeling of what a blunder I've done yesterday. And then came the instructor who is gonna do my test. He asked me to go to the car and wait for him. We went and  I was all ready. All I thought at that moment was never ever do anything silly for which I had to suffer for the rest of my life. Somehow all my fear had gone and was confident enough that I am not gonna make any mistakes. I just prayed. The test went really well and I've cleared the test. Me and my husband were very happy. And I promised myself that I will pay absolute attention not just for me and my family but also for any other lovely stranger who will come on my way :) Drive safe ! 

Byeeeeee !

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