Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Day :)

Its always a pleasure when we get gifts. Leap day is one such thing. An extra day, every 4 years, that is gift wrapped and delivered to every single person/thing in this world from its own creator. Thank you God for giving this extra day and making my presence in this world for one more day.

It is on these days that I get overly sentimental and think about all the problems that are around me and try to change myself so that it gets a little bearable. I thought it is my way of saying thank you to the person who shares this world along with me. So it is kind of helpful but most of the time I end up looking at the same problem in a different way realizing that its not just me, but there is also some one else involved. Not just at work, not just family, but also friends. Can you believe? Aren't friends there to give the comfort? Not always, I guess.

So on this day what I am gonna try is, just be myself and enjoy whatever that comes my way as such. It might sound a little vague or even silly but its been really a difficult thing for me to follow, that is, be myself and live a peaceful life. So I think, on this day somehow God made me realise that it is time to change. Lets see how well I shine up on this project . Now don't you guys forget to thank for this extra day that we got.

See you soon. Taata :)

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