Monday, November 30, 2009

First Post of this year !!!!

Well, officially my first post of this year :) and i know its almost the end of the year.. too long not to show up on a personal blog. I have my own explanations for that and I dont want to rant on it.. Just wanted to share on how this whole year was for me..
This year started with a big relocation for us. Yes! we relocated from Wisconsin to Massachusetts. And we had one hell of a time. Finally we did settled with a decent apt and everything else got into place. Then started our family planning and we did succeeded in the middle of the year. Oh Yeah!! I am expecting. Thats the one news which makes this year a lot more special.
We did visited many places during this year. We went to Upstate NewYork, Washington D.C., New Hampshire, Boston. We've had a good time with new experiences. Both me and my husband had gone through a different phase of our life during this year and we did have a great time with each other. We learnt a lot of new things in this year, about our friends, our approach towards family, more importantly about our relationship. Well, as years pass by, we learn a lot of things and I personally experience it. Same for my husband.
Well, I have lot more to say and to share. Let me do it short as of now so that I can stay around here without being absconded. :) See you all in the next post..

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